NFC East Defensive Positional Group Rankings

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    By: Lupo

    1. Dallas: DLaw & Quinn, who is past his prime, make a formidable tandem
    2. Skins: Kerrigan on pace for the Hall of Very Good and Sweat could be a steal if he lives up to his pre-draft hype.
    3. Eagles: Losing Long and Bennett hurts the depth here, but Barnett should continue to improve and Graham is as solid as they come.
    4. Giants: Team sees a “deadly pass rusher” in Lorenzo Carter, he doesn’t have much help these days. Josh Allen at 6 was too obvious.

    1. Eagles: Cox is a menace, Jackson looks to return his old self. Still wondering how Jernigan hurt his back.
    2. Skins: Payne, Allen and Iodonis make up a great young core for this defense.
    3. Giants: Lawrence is intriguing if he can get after the QB, otherwise Gettlemen spent a 1st on a 2 down player. Talvinson and BJ Hill are respectable.
    4. Dallas: Are there any two players in this division overhyped more than Malik Collins and Tyrone Crawford? Reader, there are not. Trysten Hill was seen as an overdraft by some.

    1. Dallas: Dallas may have the best young group of LB’s in the NFL. That and 3 bucks will get you a coffee.
    2. Eagles: Bradham and Gruger-Hill make up a solid starting duo with Zach Brown and his pair of jeans that fit just right providing depth on early downs.
    3. Skins: Bostic and Foster seem like JAG’s who benefit from the guys in front of them. The team spent a fortune on Landon Collins this offseason to sure up this unit.
    4. Giants: Ogletree is the 4th highest paid ILB in the league. lolGettlemen.

    1. Eagles: Jenkins and McCloud(when healthy) make up one of the better tandems in the league. Still wish the Birds would have played the McCloud situation differently.
    2. Giants: Peppers and Bethea have potential to be solid.
    3. Skins: Montae Nicholson looks to return to his 2017 form while Deshazor Everett looks for more cheap shots to take.
    4. Dallas: Jeff Heath ensures a 4th place finish here.

    1. Dallas: Byron Jones had a superb year last year and may be on his way out due to $$$$, I prefer Lewis to Awudzie.
    2. Giants: Jenkins is still a good CB, I like the 2 young guys in Baker and Love, will Beal make it out of preseason with that shoulder?
    3. Skins: Norman is not worth his contract, Moreau has shown some early promise. DRC is back, no idea what he’ll look like.
    4. Eagles: Lots of youth, lots of potential, that and 20 bucks gets you a run at Mrs. Mosely.

    1. Skins: Way is an inside 20 yard line master.
    2. Eagles: Johnson was 3rd in the NFL in total average last season.
    3. Dallas: Chris Jones. F Dallas
    4. Giants: Riley Dixon, Giants punter or country music phenom?

    Head Coaches:
    1. Eagles: Takes big balls to pull off a visor.
    2. Dallas: Clap On….. Clap Off.
    3. Skins: Hoping for roster health per usual.
    4. Giants: Schurmer and Gettlemen are an amazing duo and I hope they are around forever.


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