Ode to Bader

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    Deliver us serenity
    Deliver us peace
    Deliver us loving
    We know we need it
    You know we need it
    That’s why we need You now
    Pray for Bader
    Pray for us

    This is a God Dream

    This is a God DreamĀ 

    This is a God Dream



    Today we commemorate the late great Alex Bader the original CO-Founder of Spiked Koolaid and CO- Founder of Shock Blogging.


    Let us remember where we came from. It was a cold night on ESPN when we had learned that the comment section would be gone in two months and replaced with Facebook. Leaving thousands and thousands of people without a home to troll other teams they do not like. If you were smart you would go to other divisions and troll their teams as well. Thats where many of us met Bader for the first time.

    Even before the imminent shut down of the chat, Bader and Keal had loved and adored each other. Skyping late at night. Seeing who could jerk off the fastest. Of course keal always won, but we know that is only because Bader let him. For years and years their relationship began to blossom and one day they decided with ESPN dying to have a baby together.

    Now deciding to have a baby with a stranger from the internet can be a scary decision but they new their love would get them through the tough and tested moments. First thing that had to do was come up with a name. Keal loving alcohol and Bader loving koolaid they decided to combine their interests and call it Spiked Koolaid. The hardest part was done.

    Next came the recruitment. Of course most of the NFCW was on board since they were familiar with eachother and that was enough for keal. But Bader had a bigger vision like Steve Jobs. He sought to take over the sports blogging world so he recruited the NFCN and the NFCE to establish a new empire.

    Finally a utopia of trolling and friendship that can be solely credited to keal and baders vision. Bader the visionary wasnt done. He went and got high level craigslist journalist to start writing articles for free under the false assumption they would be have shares in the new global empire. However the joke was on them.

    Throughout the years we have seen the appreciation for Baders efforts waver. NFCN began to be come incredibly ungrateful and attacking bader for his hardwork. That did not stand so to teach them a lesson he deleted their division from the sky. Of course they thought theyd be smart with their gay leader Pi and start Football and Poop which no one cared about and it died a painful lonely death.

    Seeing as this site was going no where bader decided it was time to step down relinquishing full ownership to Keal. Now he could be free to cultivate his trolling and finally enjoy his life here.

    Bader became a fierce troll making many like Lisa, Gubby, Maynard, and K1 actually cry real tears. It was hilarious. While SKA continued to develop without him.

    But his vision of SKA remained deeply rooted in the site. New article series began to emerge from his inspiration achieving a greatness no one could have imagined. the Real BKOB Report, an absolute stunner of analytics and indepth fact checking,

    Another article series that has spawned out of Baders vision is my Lists. The people instantly loved it and passionately argued over them for hours and hours. Demanding a new one each day. Except for Tribe and the Boomers. They represent the lowest level of us all. We can forgive tribe because he has been inhaling too much forest fire. But we cast shame on the rest of these heretics.





    LOVE, Me (and SKA)






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