Rolling Projections of the Final NFC West Standings: A Scientific Effort by Munkey

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    I am trying to shorten these articles for two reasons. First, I am busy doing other things at the moment. Second, I do not enjoy listening to the old and infirm (SF4905) whine about being exhausted and needing naps after scrolling past an article.

    You hate to see it.

    San Francisco 49ers – Previous Prediction: 13-3

    Damn. These guys are making me look stupid. I do not place the blame at their fan base, even though they are the ones that convinced me that the 49ers would be great this year, but rather I take accountability for my own predictions. I’m doubling down. Booby Retard blossoms and the 49ers win out!
    Rolling Prediction: 12-4.

    Los Angeles Rams – Previous Prediction: 13-3.

    Los Angeles Rams fans shave behind their knees. Sad. No MAGA. The Rams are stupid.
    Rolling Prediction: 12-4 (Tiebreaker goes to 49ers based on h2h sweep).

    Arizona Cardinals – Previous Prediction: 3-13

    What a miserable franchise.
    Rolling Prediction: 3-13

    Seattle Seahawks – Previous Prediction: 2-14

    As predicted by yours truly, the Seahawks are still on pace for a 2-14 season. I see no reason to change this prediction, especially since blah blah blah.
    Rolling Prediction: 2-14.

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