Rolling Projections of the Final NFC West Standings: A Scientific Effort by Munkey

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    I apologize for there not being a Rolling Projection article last week. It appears that Keal’s alcoholism and deterioting mental state is affecting his ability to post articles on SKA.

    You hate to see it.

    San Francisco 49ers – Previous Prediction: 15-1

    The 49ers have now lost two games in a row, bringing their record to 1-3. Very disappointing for such a promising team. However, I believe that Booby Retard will bounce back and play better than ever now that he has a game under his belt.
    Rolling Prediction: 13-3.

    Los Angeles Rams – Previous Prediction: 11-5, or 12-4. I forget.

    Los Angeles Rams fans are a pathetic bunch of Americanized beaners. Full citizenship and all. Sad. No MAGA. The Rams are stupid.
    Rolling Prediction: 13-3 (Tiebreaker goes to 49ers based on h2h sweep).

    Arizona Cardinals – Previous Prediction: 4-12

    Their GM is a drunk. Their HC is in over his head. All of their players suck. They somehow even lost to the worthless Seahawks (even w/o Will Dissly!). This team is a joke. A horrible, horrible joke. Really bad, probably will be bad for decades to come. I think Michael Bidwell will contribute to the overall incompetence surrounding this organization via increased meddling and a downward spiral of bad hiring decisions. Keal should probably give up on football.
    Rolling Prediction: 3-13 (I had to knock them a victory because I had a h2h sweep against Seattle as part of their four wins).

    Seattle Seahawks – Previous Prediction: 0-16

    William Dissly was called back to our heavenly father on the 30th of September, in the Year of Our Lord, 2018. His injury rendered the Seahawks victory over the Cardinals hollow and meaningless. We also lost a starting safety in this game. It looks like it will be pretty hard for the Seahawks to add to their win column.
    Rolling Prediction: 2-14.

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