Zorstique’s Non-Mariners Update of the Week

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    I will keep this short, as most are excited to get down to the comments. I am not allowed to write any Mariners articles until they make the playoffs or win the World Series (I do not remember which one.) However someone has to, which brings us to a very exciting time of the year… Weekly article assignments!

    This year the slots were filled up at a historically fast rate. I think we were locked in at 15 minutes. SKA thanks you for your dedication and devotion! I know there are others that want to write articles, and probably feel cheated. I am sure you can ask one of the below privileged SKAers to “borrow” a day from time to time. For example The Real BKOB Report does not start until week 4 usually, and we all demand that K1’s article get posted next Monday.

    Here is to a great year!

    • Monday – Bader – Breakfast links

    • Tuesday – Reserved for The Real BKOB Report

    • Wednesday – The Joys and Privileges of Owning Packer’s Season Tickets (Brew)

    • Thursday – SKA Roast Day (Vegas)

    • Friday – Nav (Unsure of the topic at this time)

    • Saturday – College Day Tailgate (Lisa)

    • Sunday – Tailgate (Classic Keal)




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