BKOB Presents – How to Circumvent SKA

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When the message boards are too cluttered and comments stop working, do this: (Note: Screenshots are from mobile site, but it will work on a PC as well) 1) Go to and navigate to your profile 2) From your profile, look for “Discussion on” and click on it (NOT the article’s title) 3)…

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Ron Presents: 2024 Mock Draft

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ChatGPT Presents: The Top 12 Seahawks Part 2 PREVIEW

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**PREVIEW:** Stay tuned for the exhilarating continuation of BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks! In Part 2, we delve deeper into the legacy of Seattle’s finest, uncovering the tales of gridiron greatness that define these remarkable athletes. From electrifying plays to enduring impact, prepare to witness the next chapter in Seahawks history unfold before…

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BKOB Presents: Marshawn Lynch Gifs

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JUJU Presents: Monday Morning News

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April 3: Clubs that hired a new Head Coach after the end of the 2022 regular season may begin offseason workout programs. April 17:  Clubs with returning Head Coaches may begin offseason workout programs. April 19 Deadline for clubs to time, test, visit, interview, or conduct a physical examination with a draft-eligible player at its…

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