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@cmsportss Polina Knoroz Beautiful Woman Pole Vaulter Tver 2021 #sports #girls #athlete #beautifulwoman #athletics #polevault ♬ Sport Motivational(785257) – TimTaj

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AFC North Post-OTA Roundup

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The AFC North has completed its slate of team activities/minicamps.  Next stop:  Actual training camps.  While all four of our beloved teams fortunately sustained no significant injuries, some pre-camp questions and observations remain viable. And here they are.   Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals have signed all of their 2022 draft picks.  Here’s the cap space…

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Scotti Is my best friend

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AFC North Roundup

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It’s been a few weeks since we checked into the NFL and offseason happenings.  Here’s the latest from the AFC North.   Baltimore Ravens Another week with excess handwringing in the national media about QB Lamar Jackson’s no-show at the Ravens’ recent OTAs.  While Jackson’s (lack of a) contract is easy fodder for the sports…

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Full disclosure:  I am a proud gun owner. The picture above displays a 1906 Pieper Arms Co. special edition something-something.  It’s been handed down, more or less, for four generations, eventually landing in my hands after my mother passed a couple of years ago.  To the best of my knowledge, Mom never fired it, and…

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The last article won’t load for me so here is a new one that maybe is better for me.  Thanks

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AFC North Roundup

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As OTAs approach, our beloved AFC North teams are in the process of signing their rookies and slotting their rosters to identify weaknesses and strengths.  There’s still plenty of legal, contractual and behavioral issues to sort out;  it’s still the offseason, which is where most player wrongdoing occurs and where most NFL discipline is determined…

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This guy on TikTok gives a cool breakdown of all NFL teams helmets and their evolution through each team’s history. ARIZONA CARDINALS @hookedonhelmets Reply to @azcardinals The story of the Arizona Cardinals helmets #arizonacardinalsfootball #hookedonhelmets #fyp ♬ original sound – hookedonhelmets LOS ANGELES RAMS @hookedonhelmets The Los Angeles Rams helmet history. #losangelesrams #hookedonhelmets #fyp ♬…

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