NFC East – Lazy Man’s Mock Draft

    1024 683 Sir Squatch

    By Joey Esquire I am putting as little thought and effort into this as possible. I have literally run a draft simulation on Fanspeak and will just comment on the results. I didn’t actually make any of the picks. Round 1: 1. Arizona Cardinals – Nick Bosa, Edge, Ohio State 2. San Francisco 49ers –…

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    1024 576 BLONKERS

    HEY EVERYONE ITS THE TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN LETS SEE HOW EVERYONES PERSONAS HAVE EVOLVED   MFA: Germicide BKOB: Golden Hoboner Lisa: Margaret Snatcher Zippy: Peaches Bader: Leon Trollsky Tribe: Benus Nav: Ghodi Chad Vegas: Pfizer Baby Keal: The Spirituous Stalin Beaster: Beasiality Brew: Jew 30 HH: Bald Beagle Ancient: Derb Halos: Gaylos KZ:…

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    Frednesday: Call The Whole Band Together

    744 744 chriskeal

    So it’s been a long time since your Fred done left ya. Don’t worry he returns from his journey well rested. Here to pump SKA the old familiar way Barbed Insults, snide trolling: The spiked kool-aid family way. MotherKeal called me back into this light FPS Pray For Us, we toll the troll King tonight…

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    FJY PRESENTS: The Day I Saved Vegas’ Life

    750 350 chriskeal

    It was a hot and dusty day in Las Vegas, just like every other fucking day in that shithole, and I was wandering just off the strip, drunk out of my mind. As I walked along, I noticed something moving off in the distance. A quick glance showed me a sorrowful sight. I saw a…

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    K1’s NFC West Off-Season Preview: Part 1

    1024 576 chriskeal

    With the season ending, the NFC West representative in the Superbowl lost to the Patriots in one of the lowest scoring games of all time. As the game and it’s results have been covered ad nauseam, it’s time to move forward and preview each NFC West’s teams needs and concerns heading into the 2019 off…

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    600 373 k1joyce

    Why do bad things happen to good people? I have been asking myself this since the day I was born. I spent most of this year proclaiming that “The Greatest Show on Turf” had returned, in my weekly update articles as well as the SKA comments section. Does the Mercedes-Benz Dome in Atlanta have a…

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    1000 547 chriskeal

    Superbowl LIII is upon us, and after that we all go off the great cliff of the off-season. The focus for now will be on this weekend’s championship game. The match up features the #2 seed from both conferences, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. No doubt, many SKA’er will be begrudgingly…

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    Cloister’s Mock Draft 1.0

    1024 576 Sir Squatch

    No trades in this one, which I realize is extremely unrealistic. Maybe next time, friends. Hopefully I picked a position or prospect for your team that you hate. To the picks! 1. Arizona Cardinals Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State The Cardinals need just about everything. While their top priority should be to protect Josh Rosen,…

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