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    Getting to the QB is one of the most important parts of a defense. Its a wonder why teams like the Seahawks are so bad and neglectful about it. Recently you’ve seen huge investments from teams like the Packers, Bears, Chiefs and Chargers who made Joey Bosa very rich. Edge rushers are some of the most exciting in the game. They are roided out. Fast. And Scary.


    Please keep in mind these rankings reflect their talents this year just as much as how they ended last year plus your rookies joining the league. These are not the 2019 rankings people. Heres your top 25 EDGE RUSHERS !

    1. Zadarius Smith
    2. Chandler Jones
    3. TJ Watt
    4. Myles Garrett
    5. Shaquille Barrett
    6. Cam Jordan
    7. Danielle Hunter
    8. Khalil Mack
    9. Joey Bosa
    10. Nick Bosa
    11. Frank Clark
    12. Von Miller
    13. Justin Houston
    14. Demarcus Lawrence
    15. Yannick Ngakoue
    16. Preston Smith
    17. Bud Dupree
    18. Robert Quinn
    19. Javeon Clowney
    20. Matt Judon
    21. Trey Flowers
    22. Melvin Ingram
    23. Ryan Kerrigan
    24. Dee Ford
    25. Chase Young


    BONUS!! : Story regarding the Feature image

    After a strip-sack that Mahomes miraculously recovered earlier in the quarter, Bosa once again was bearing down on Mahomes on a critical third-and-5 late in the game’s third quarter.

    But Mahomes’ nimble feet allowed him to escape the outstretched arms of the 49ers’ prized rookie and pick up the first down, keeping Kansas City’s comeback hopes alive.

    “I actually didn’t even feel Bosa behind me until right when he dove,” Mahomes told NBC Sports’ Peter King. “And when he dove, I think that last second of me seeing him, kinda diving at my leg, I was able to get my knees up. That was a big thing when you’re running away from a guy that gets your legs, to keep your knees up and keep your feet from dragging on the ground.

    “He hit me hard. He hit me hard — might’ve left a little bruise actually. But I was able to still get around the side to get a first down on that play.”



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