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    YesShoes Presents: Conference Championship Round KneeCap

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    RAMS AT SAINTS Refs stole the game from the Saints. Any objective fan will concede. NFL has been gay for LA all season and the expletive sucking continued Sunday. Real Rams fans will admit they lost the game and they are merely fielding a team for the officials on Super Bowl Sunday. PATRIOTS AT CHIEFS…

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    PoP Presents: NFC East Season Recap

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    Dallas Cowboys: 10 – 6 The season got off to a bit of a rocky start. After going 3-5 in the first 8 games of their season, Jason Garrett’s seat was getting hot and things were looking down for the Cowboys. Shortly thereafter they managed to trade for Amari Cooper and two weeks later caught…

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    K1’s NFC Divisional Round Recap

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    Divisional weekend is often considered one of the best weeks of football. The NFC offered competitive games while the AFC sadly did not. The featured games in this article will be the NFC games, hence the title. Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (30-22 Rams win) The storyline the media created for this game was…

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    Vegas Presents: Little Man Beaster Part 1

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    Hello everyone, I present to you my second roast article. It should be stated that this will be a multi-part series, as there is too much to cover in one article. I want to give a shoutout to Keal for giving me my moderator powers back. This article wouldn’t be possible without him. Don’t forget…

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    K1’s Week 16 NFCW Update

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    NFC West Standings Los Angeles Rams: 12-3 Seattle Seahawks: 9-6 San Francisco 49ers: 4-11 Arizona Cardinals: 3-12 Rams Update: The Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals this week 33-9. In Todd Gurley’s stead, CJ Anderson had 20 carries for 167 yards. He also contributed some key pass blocks, a key and under-rated aspect of any RB’s…

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