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    Zorstique’s Mariners Update of the Week

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    I am still new to baseball, and I admit that I do not always know what I am talking about. This has not necessarily stopped me from trying though as even if I am wrong, someone will normally correct me and I learn from it. This weeks topic might not be a favorite with Mariner’s…

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    Jordys Jortastic Mock Draft .0009

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    Ok guys here is my first mock draft ever I hope this makes it to the board or even NFC Because no one wants anymore knowledge of bkob Nav backwards spells van van rhymes with rape navs fabulous rape van. Bears – someone stupid Vikings – a qb Lions – a offensive lineman Packers – future hall…

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    So now we’re all back to Josh Allen at No. 1 to the Browns, aren’t we? At the combine, I couldn’t find anyone who thought the Browns wouldn’t pick Allen. The flip to Sam Darnold happened after his pro day in the rain. I don’t expect this consensus to change, but we do have a…

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    ROUND 1 1. CLEVELAND BROWNS (0-16) Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California: They need to land a quarterback for the future who can learn behind Tyrod Taylor for a year. They opt for Darnold. 2. NEW YORK GIANTS (3-13) Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State: You can never have enough pass rushers as the Giants learned when…

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    Nav Finally Responds to Split Hat

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    I’m back to writing articles guys. This week I am going to discuss baseball a little bit. We are six days away from opening day and the A’s pitching staff is a complete wreck. The line up is going to be really good but every game is going to be a 10-9 final. However, the…

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