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A poem by Lisa: Bader is a Dick Faced Buffoon

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Bader is a Dick Faced Buffoon Who lies constantly about his life His own Mother could not stand him Neither can his wife He comes on SKA everyday With new falsehoods galore And Keal eats it up always But to him seems more like a chore There really is not one as dumb as him…

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Lisa9er4Life Presents: 105.9 SUNNY FM

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Here are some reviews of my favorite radio station in Orlando, 105.9 SUNNY FM. I listen to this station exclusively during my drive to and from work. Padawan5 31.08.2022 I have been a dedicated listener to 105.9 and usually the morning show for as long as i remember, now with that Smokestack fellow i am…

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New Article of Random Tweets

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Sincerely AB — AB (@AB84) August 11, 2022 My thoughts on the latest news re: Jimmy Garoppolo. — Grant Cohn (@grantcohn) August 11, 2022 Marshawn Lynch was dragged out of his car by the hood of his sweatshirt and forcibly thrown to the ground during his DUI arrest earlier this week … new…

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Kyler Murray stepped up to the mic because he had something to say… this is what leaders do. Murray making a surprise media appearance to push back on the talk that he doesn’t study and the homework clause in his contract. @12SportsAZ Here’s his nearly 4 minute statement. — Cameron Cox (@CamCox12) July 28,…

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