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    ≤≥ This season began blanketed by the unnecessary stench of so many reactionary weirdos burning their Nike’s out of frustration about other people having free will. But the first 3 weeks have revealed the league’s strategy for winning the media coverage PR battle: high quality matchups, inspired performance, and lots of commercials with boobs in them.

    Being mindful of history helps us learn lessons, honor difference makers, and be warned by the actions of the notorious. Rick Mirer. Steve Walsh. Ken O’Brien. What do these former long-distance duck jugglers have in common with current future washout Dakota Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys? They’re the only players with 5 straight games having at least 25 passing attempts, but fewer than 200 passing yards.

    ∞O’Brien was drafted by the Jets ahead of Dan Marino. Prescott went before Cardale Jones.
    ∞In fairness to the Cowboys, the 2016 draft isn’t known for it’s great quarterbacks
    ∞America’s Team would get laughed out of the U.N. right about now.
    ∞Cows are sacred. The Cowboys need to change their name.

    Remember when only a small handful of teams had really good quarterback play? And the discussion was about the tiers of talent, with very few potential elites? (NOT Flacco) Well, those days seem likely to soon become history.

    ∞The elderly tier includes short-timers like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Russel Wilson, whose jobs are not safe with hungry young talent like Josh Rosen and Jared Goff likely to soon be demanding trades.
    ∞The NFL just set a new record for number of starting quarterbacks who couldn’t buy beer one year ago.
    ∞The next CBA might need to go back to big guaranteed money for rookie signal callers, or risk more Laveon Bell type holdouts.
    ∞Credit Kawhi Leonard for showing everyone how to hold out and really mean it.

    Games are running long due to the abundance of beautiful vibrant yellow fabric the league is decorating their football fields with this year. I still like it better than all the pink every October. (Except for the charity part, that’s good! Namaste)

    ∞15 yard penalties suck, but so does letting a quarterback throw for 20 times that. Hit him hard.
    ∞Shit, if you don’t want to get roughed, don’t play quarterback, wussy.
    ∞Rodgers’ leg got crushed in the first half of that first game because the offensive line was so confused, their heads looked like dogs trying to shake themselves dry.
    ∞We haven’t even seen the tip of the flopping iceberg. Get ready for the Quarterbacktors Guild Awards.

    Injuries suck for everyone but medical professionals. A Packers fan knows what it’s like to see hope for the season go off on a cart. No I mean they can tell you over and over.

    ∞Matt Flynn
    ∞Brett Hundley
    ∞Matt Halfasselbeck…
    ∞Holyshit, Seahawks, stop

    Babaji must rest.

    Babaji’s Bonus Trivia:
    2 quarterbacks in league history have thrown an interception in 20 or more straight games. One is in the hall of fame. The other.. not so much. Who are they? Good Luck!




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