Bob’s Friday Antardrishti, so Babaji has something to write

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    Has there ever been a superhero who just has a Super Boot? Like they just go around righting wrongs by kicking everyone in their face, balls, ass, etc? Like, the sinister villain Señor Butthole87 is thwarted when hero BKOBoot pumps up his reebok hiking cross trainer Crocs and launches 87’s nards out the back of his ass? SKA needs a video department.

    ∞There could be a great product tie-in for some shitkicker American Flag crocs.
    ∞Packers Punter JK Scott would be perfect for the part of the hero, for one of his punts just landed in that Space Tesla.
    ∞JK Scott is way too white of a name for anyone who’s a professional kicker.

    Trivia Question: Kindly identify the only player not named Le’Veon Bell to have 3000+ rushing and 2000+ receiving yards since 2013. Answer below

    Fanaticism is belief or behavior based on uncritical zeal, with an obsessive enthusiasm. Philosopher George Santayana defined fanaticism as “Redoubling your effort when you’ve forgotten your aim”.

    ∞Fan is a major part of fantasy. Fantasy sports, fantasy entertainment, it’s what drew us here to SKA, and you bloody well know it. It’s also one letter away from “fag”.
    ∞Bloody fantasy? Undefeated in the SKA money league is Game of Thrones fan Oliver, who’s lucky to have by far the fewest points scored against. His real fantasy is to SUCK IT.
    ∞There is such a thing as Fantasy Cricket. Jesus Christ, Babaji *lost a lot of money on that shit.

    Trivia Answer: You chose wisely if you said Giovanni Bernard.

    *.. Ok, Babaji bet too much on the cricket matches, but if that damn Graham Gooch hadn’t done the South African Rebel Tour in 1982, Babaji would be knee-deep in razzleberry frogurt and scones right now..

    Babaji must rest
    But wait! Babaji has insider information (heard at a gas station) that hometown star Derek Anderson is being signed to an NFL roster early next week, and you won’t believe which team! Good luck, Derek!

    Julio Jones is on pace to gain 2000 receiving yards, but has yet to catch a touchdown. Which receiver has the most receiving yards in a season without catching a touchdown pass? Good Luck!



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