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    NFL Postseason – Week #2 is here. I went 4-0 last week ….. yippee
    The wheat has been seperated from the shaft, the best of the best are left, to fight it out for the right to go to Phoenix, Arizona and SB XLIX!
    The top 5-6 teams in the league have survived the first week of the playoffs, but can the top 4 make it to the AFCCG and NFCCG?????

    (Broncos, Patriots, Packers and Seahawks)


    Saturday Football (JAN 10) EASTERN TIME Broadcast

    Baltimore at New England 4:35 PM NBC

    Point Spread : -7 Patriots
    O/U : 47.5

    This might be a sneaky close game. The Ravens have that look of a spoiler, ready to rain on the Patriots parade. Three recent wins on the road in New England is also impressive. Let’s bet on the “Winter of Gronk” to make the AFCCG.

    Prediction: 31 – 24 Patriots

    Carolina at Seattle 8:15 PM FOX

    Point Spread : -10.5 Seahawks
    O/U: 40.0

    Both teams are on a roll. Both defenses are playing improved the last 6 games of the season. Everyone has said it will be low scoring, but I think there will be some special teams fireworks during the game. The recent DT Star Lotulelei injury seals this one for me…

    Prediction: 24 – 16 Seahawks

    Sunday Football (JAN 11) EASTERN TIME Broadcast

    Dallas at Green Bay 1:05 PM FOX

    Point Spread : -6 Packers
    O/U: 52.5

    This should be the most entertaining game of the weekend. Both teams have big advantages and disadvantages in this game. Romo vs Rodgers, Murray vs Lacy and Dez vs Jordy…… slight weapons advantage and homefield for the win. The Rodgers injury is very concerning.

    Prediction: 34 – 30 Packers

    Indianapolis at Denver 4:40 PM CBS

    Point Spread : -7
    O/U: 53.5

    The recent swoon of Peyton Manning is very disconcerting for the Broncos fans. But, I think the Broncos will play a balanced and controlled game. The Bronco defense is improved and playing solid enough to preserve a win at home. There is QB Luck, but not enough RB Herron in this game…. this might be the last game EVER for P. Manning… but can he bust 70,000 yards passing in this game (currently at 69,671)?????

    Prediction: 33 – 24 Broncos

    Peace out SKAsians.

    “Go Hawks”


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