I’mJustaBill Presents: The 8 Worst Things To Say/Do To Someone From Buffalo

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    Disclaimer: Hi guys. I have never written an article before and I know that 90% of the people here do not read them, but please read this one. I would appreciate it.

    1. Gloat about your sports championships.
      Buffalo has two teams and neither one of them has ever won a championship. We are used to it, but rubbing it in makes you look like a jackhammer.
    2. Give us a hard time for not rooting for teams from New York.
      Buffalo is 7 hours from New York City. Just to reference, Pittsurgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia, Ottawa. and Montreal are all closer to us than those disgusting snobs. We will NEVER root for a team from the city.
    3. Make fun of us for rooting for Canadian teams.
      I am a proud American and I love this country, but Toronto is the closest major city to Buffalo and it is not that much different except they say “soory.” The Raptors are fun to watch and better than driving 7 hours to Manhattan to watch the Knicks lose.
    4. Mention losing 4 Super Bowls in a row.
      Yeah, we get it. We laugh about it just as much as the rest of you, but using it as a serious attempt to bust our chops is hilarious. Our sports morale cannot be any lower. You will not affect that.
    5. Use New York stereotypes on us.
      New York is not like California where everybody sounds the same. Our accent is closer to Pittsburgh or Ohio than it is to The Big Apple, minus that they say “tennis shoes.” I have been to the city 3 times and can safely say that the people there are rude and nothing like people from Buffalo. Also their wings are disgusting, speaking of which.
    6. Ask somebody from Buffalo if they have tried Buffalo Wild Wings or Wingstop.
      The answer is probably yes and both taste more like sewage than real chicken wings. Slight exaggeration, but try wings from a real spot near here and you will never want to eat at either of those two abominations again.
    7. Use ranch on your wings.
      If you do not use blue cheese, you are doing it all wrong.
    8. Complain about getting a lot of snow.
      Trust me, unless you live in Alaska, you have no idea what a lot of snow is.

    Article Instructions: Comedy is not my strongest suit, so If you could add a few humorous pictures, I would appreciate it. No profanity or grossness though.



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