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    Typically JuJu rambles on some football rant. Shit sometimes has validity but most is hog wash. It’s all garbage really. Some could even say it was the sludge on the bottom of a dumpster. Some tidbits would make you chuckle, others would want to fill my anus cavity with hot glue. Whatever it is that you think, good, bad, evil, happy, crabby, sad, flattering, depressed, boB’s ducks or even overzealous, it’s your opinion and know that it sucks.

    I don’t put much thought in your thoughts because of the absolute trash ass articles I would write, I still love you all equally as god’s children. Everyone that I have ever encountered at SKA has been real and JuJu really likes that quality that you all possess .

    JuJu however will be retiring as a simpleton article writer. The choice isn’t complicated nor is it personal. JuJu has thoroughly enjoyed writing articles for SKA. Everyone here has attributed their cause for inspiration. Inspire not just to live, but to be great. Inspire to be a individual with individual thoughts. Bob Ross a happy little tree on the wall of your fucking garage. Just inspire and be inspirational. It cost zero to do so and the wealth someone will gain is priceless.

    Happy Holidays to you all, and to all a good SKA,




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