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    These dumb youg krunks really are assholes! Most of them are cacuasian cult Trump followers! AVOID talking to those people whenevr possible!

    1. Sharif – blocked!

    This krunk has been a problem for a long time! He posts disgusting gifs that I can’t even mention! Block before he gets yo u in trouble at work! Glad i blocked him years ago! Owned him too many times to count!

    2. Jive – blocked!

    BLOCK HIM BEFORE DOXXES YOU TOO. This no life drug dealer has been up my ass for years! He sells weed to minors and eats cats! All very bad! Stupid hooked prick white rice eating asian fuk you!

    3. cknuckles – blocked!

    This dumb krunk thinks he is good at making memes when all he does is face in a hole! No talent asshole and a big time cacuasian cult Trump follower to boot! WEAR A MASK!

    4. k1 – blocked!

    I have owned this asshole since day 1! He tries to placate me and talk about Star Trek then he says that Cisko is a good actor! Don’t fall for his tricks he is a low iq caucasian Trump follower like knuckles!

    5. Matt Mosley – blocked!

    This is another low IQ caucasian Trump follower! He is from the east board and maybe he should go back there because no one likes him!

    6. lisa

    Long time blog krunk who has lately attacked me! Another low iq cacausaian Trump follower! She doesn’t wear a mask and is a big time super spreader STAY AWAY AND BLOCK IF NEED BE.

    7. 4905

    Stupid old krunk who is a low iq cacasuian Trump follower and lowlife 49er fan! he owns a wagon and is a bandwagon 49er fan go firgure. i have owned this old man so many times he’s not even worht blocking!

    8. beaster

    never seen a krunk worse at making memes than beaster from the easter. he might have gay tendencies towards trump, and he is also the biggest cacuasian trump loq iq cult member on the blog! also has many accounts all of which i have owned and even blocked some

    9. dcs

    this krunk is another placater like k1. he used to pretend to be nice but now he posts nasty pictures. ive owned him many times. another guy who needs to go back to the east with mosley and beaster!

    10. bader

    i’ve owned bader so many times its not worth talking about this CONVICT. lies about me constantly and is a big time cascausian low iq trump cult follower. no one believes him and he will try to placate before attacking, beware of this krunk! probbaly doesn’t matter because he’s going back to jail soon CONVICT



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