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    *The “I just want to be associated with a winner” guy. You’ll see them wearing a 49ers jersey one year, and a Cowboys hat the next. This guy/gal will latch on to any team that allows him to yell “IN YOUR FACE!” at their friends and anyone else who isn’t as big of a winner as they are. After all, anyone who switches allegiance so frequently couldn’t possibly be a loser, could they? (LOL Bader)

    *People who grew up without a favorite team. Perhaps they’re from some foreign land. I knew a guy from Turdistan or something, who came to watch games with coworkers who were Packers fans, yet he somehow wore a Lions jersey. When I asked him why, he said he just wanted to piss off his coworkers. OK, Borat, that’s really the most spiteful reason I’ve ever heard of for someone to root for the Lions. Oh, and he also liked the colors?!?

    *Latching on to a team, but with a “valid” reason. “Well, I was born in Alabama, so I rooted for the Cowboys, but my mom is from Decatur, Ilinois, so it was just natural for me to gravitate to the Bears..once they got good”. Yeah, this just means you’re making excuses for your crappy habit of making excuses.

    *People whose fandom has been dormant for a while. “I have always been a fan, I’ve just been busy these past few years and haven’t really payed attention” guy. -probably wearing a new 49ers jersey..

    *Fans who claim individual players, not teams. There are still assholes out there with a half Packers, half Jets jersey, or a 3-way with a Vikings jersey out there. But, of course, that’s not ever going to be worn again unless Favre comes out of retirement to play for the Buccaneers, cuz the color combo with the old creamsicle throwbacks would make me unique! Please. The only thing unique about these fans is that they probably stalk their ex and can’t come within 1000 feet of a school.

    *Current Seahawks fans. Almost all of them wouldn’t know Curt Warner from Kurt Warner.

    *Transplants. “Well, around the time I moved to Philly is when I became a Eagles fan… just so happened it was last year..”

    *Disgruntled fans. “There’s no way I’m ever going to root for the Cardinals again. Not after they betrayed my beloved St. Louis… Go Chiefs!… so far this year.. but not last year, hell no.”

    *Just total poseurs. (LOL Bader again)

    NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I have no idea who wrote this, but I am guessing it was Warvette.



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