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    Someone recommended that I should do a weekly article for the Last of Us updates. I am sorry, but this first one is really long, but it gets everyone caught up. If you think you have to scroll too much, just think how hard it was to go through all my comments. You are welcome.

    Live updates:

    • There is a dagger hanging out next to an open and broken window. With plants growing in. The wind is making the curtains sway. And it says PRESS ANY BUTTON.
    • You said it was easy so I picked the hardest difficulty. So far I am just watching things. I am not afraid. She walks too slow. Big explosions coming from somewhere.
    • Okay I can no longer update live, I might need both hands. Or play it on easy like Keal.
    • What the heck, Keal. She died, I thought this was the girl that hangs out the whole game. It was my daughter too.
    • My daughter died, which I thought was the girl that I was going to hang out with. Sad. I got old and now have a young girlfriend. Which is not sad. I shot someone in the head because he inhaled spores. Sad.
    • Seriously though, this building is about to fall down, and I am still doing my check everything tactic. Do I need to get out fast, or is that just a story line thing. I might be in a bad situation.
    • I need you ‘all to stop talking, I am about to go down in a falling building. Or maybe.
    • The biggest problem (besides this building falling) is I cannot stop clicking new comments.
    • Imgur pictures fill my screen, even though I hide images. Warning #1, Bader.

    Okay, I will deal with this falling building for a small bit (in preparation for Halloween) by myself, but I am not satisfied with the SKA help desk.
    Be safe gents.

    Recap updates:

    I really like the game, despite being really dark. I remember bits and pieces back when the boy played it, but never realized how in depth the story line is. I understand your “like playing a movie” comment, it is one heck of a roller coaster. I am not very far, but the story got moving really quickly after starting off sad and slow.

    I do feel like it is pretty easy, despite the difficultly level. I did run into my first problem area. I was in a mini-mall like place and there were a bunch of clickers. You can stealth shiv them, but that wastes your shivs, and I did not have enough to get them all, so they over whelmed me. However I tried a new strategy, and now I “stealth” kill them with bricks, which are everywhere. Sneak up behind them and bash their skull in with a brick, like nature intended.

    I assume that enemies will continue to get stronger and harder, and I really enjoy that you need different strategies per enemy type. Humans, runners, clickers, etc. I am excited to find the next one.

    I also really like that there are goodies hidden everywhere, I enjoy checking out the whole “world” and what it has to offer.

    I think my girlfriend got bit when we were in the museum, and it makes me sad that I will probably have to bash her skull in. We were separated, and she is not a zombie killing machine like me, and she appears to have been injured.

    My girlfriend did indeed get bit, and I did not have to smash in her skull, which was nice. I found out the young girl cannot swim, which could make things interesting in the near future. We meet up with an old friend and was able to get a working truck. She stole some things from him, including some porno mag. We got ambushed by other humans that were going to kill us and steal our shoes, but I shot them in the face.

    Oh, and I have been upgrading my gear like crazy.

    So I continued to advance through the town. Everyone everywhere still wanted to kill me and take my shoes. There was a bit of repetition moving from building to building so I will not bore you on that. At one point we ran into a tank and had to run and hide. One of the buildings was a giant apartment (or hotel, not sure) which I am not 100% sure if I was able to find all the guys and/or items. I got turned around a lot. We ran into 2 more people, 2 brothers. I originally tied to bash the older brother’s head in with my fists, but the younger pulled a gun on me. Of course after that we were best friends. We became a zombie fighting crew, the 4 of us.

    At one point we had to travel through the sewers or waterways. It was filled with infected, and from the notes they were the people from the town hiding from raiders. Somehow the infected made it in and killed/turned everyone. There was a room with a pile of dead kids with “they did not suffer” written in blood, and a note explaining that one of the adults was going to ensure they did not turn. Very sad. After that we went through the part of town that they all came from which had excited notes that they were going to move to the sewers and be protected.

    Later I had to go through town with a sniper trying to take me out. I had to sneak all the way to him, while also trying to take out other guys sneaking around. Probably the most challenging sneak point so far. But I was successful and took them all out. The rest of the party then went to follow, but more guys started chasing them. I grabbed the sniper rifle and splatted the heads of wave after wave of guys. The tank showed up and the guy in side made a fatal error. I poked his head out to throw a bomb or something, and I took him out, which also took out the tank. Then the infected started running down the hill. I was not able to take them all out and we were overrun. But we were able to escape through a fence.

    Everything seemed good, we were having a good time talking about motorcycles and whatnot. But the next morning the younger brother turned (he was bitten) and tried to bite Ellie. I was not having it, but at first the older brother tried to stop me. He ended up shooting his brother in the head, and then one through his. We are all alone again with no friends.

    It fast forwarded a bit and we are walking through a lovely forest next to a river with no infected in site. I think we are looking for my brother.

    I killed a whole town. Seems like the whole town could have been saved if they just asked if I wanted to trade my shoes with them. But no.



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