Zortisque’s Final LAST OF US Update

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    I think there was some confusion in my last update. There were two girls in the beginning. Tess was my younger girlfriend, which was probably in her mid 30s. She was bitten, but she sacrifices herself so we could escape so I did not have to bash her skull in. Ellie is the young girl who cannot swim, probably about 15. She was also bitten, but she is immune to the sickness. Tess and I were asked to smuggle this young girl to the Fireflies, which are the rebel scum in this universe. The idea is she might be the cure for this whole unfortunate outbreak. Sorry for the confusion. I am also sorry I flew through this game, so the update will be long. I will try to keep it short.

    My last update ended with me killing a whole town that wanted to steal my shoes. And we were heading to meet up with my brother. Well we found him. He basically was running a town revolving around a hydro dam. He is married, and there are a small group of people trying to get electricity working again. Of course while I was there, raiders attacked and tried to take control. I think they were looking for more than shoes, I think they wanted everything. Obviously I took them all out. I tried to convince my brother to take over my quest, but Ellie over heard. She took off on horseback.

    My brother and I had to chase after her. Naturally humans tried to stop us and steal our shoes, but sadly for them, my shoes are not for sale. We meet up with Ellie in a old farm house, where more raiders tried to take us, they never learn. Ellie explained that everyone eventually leaves her alone, and she thought I was different. That convinced me to continue with my quest. And we got a horse from the brother.

    Next up was an University, where the Fireflies were rumored to be at. They were not, but it was obvious that they were at some point. I found a flame thrower and a bunch of infected. I almost felt bad for the mindless zombies. We ran into some monkeys, which it appears were used to experiment to try to find a cure. On our way out more raiders came (they really should learn at some point.) Although I took them out, I fell and landed with a piece of rebar poking through my stomach. Now for most people this would probably end bad, but I just pulled myself off the rebar and started moving. Sadly this was just too much, but Ellie helped me make it back to the horse.

    It fast forwarded and it is winter, and I am Ellie. I am hunting for rabbits and deer. I run into some more humans. They agree to give me some medicine for half of the deer. Working with another man, we take on a few waves of infected. We actually worked well together, until he lets it be known that it was his men that raided us at the University, and is looking for the “crazy” man who took them out, and the young girl that was with him. Things got awkward, guns were drawn, but I got my medicine.

    I was able to get back to Joel (that is me) and give him a shot. I am not doing very good, but I am optimistic the medicine will work. Ellie sees that she was followed, so takes off on horse back to ensure Joel is not found. She is spotted and I have to maneuver through town while they try to shot me and/or pull me off the horse. I almost made it away, but they shot the horse, and he died which was sad.

    Ellie turned out to be quit the pro with a bow, and I moved through town stealth killing everyone in sight. This is the part that I am having a hard time fully remembering. I did this part right after the best Monday Night Football game of all time. My heart was close to bursting, and I played into the morning. But I remember getting caught at some point. The man from before let me know that they are cannibals, and wanted Ellie to join. I also remember inappropriate suggestions from the man. I remember I woke up pissed (now as Joel again), and killed everything in my path to get back to Ellie. Now I am Ellie again, I had to fight the leader of the cannibals, sneaking up behind him and stabbing him.

    I do not fully remember where we went next, but some town looking for a hospital. We had to go down a underpass/tunnel that was filled with infected. Multiple bloaters. Pro tip is you only have to hit a bloater for a millisecond with the flamethrower and wait for the fire to go out, then hit it again. Repeat as necessary, do not just hold down the trigger and waste your fuel. More and more water became a problem as we moved on. To the point where it was even difficult for me, and I know how to swim. We were not successful in navigating the treacherous water, and we were flung down river. Ellie drowned, but I barely got her to shore trying to perform CPR. And that is when the fireflies showed up and knocked me out.

    Do not worry, Ellie is fine, but I will not talk about what happens next. Major spoilers, and I am not the only one playing this game. But let it be known, that my feeling on the matter is I am the selfish monster.

    I can play new game+ now. Not sure what that means, but I guess I will find out.



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