BOLD Predictions WeeK 1 Recap

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Week 1 is in the books.

STL stunned SEA (without any trick plays), and both SF and ARI won, placing SEA squarely in last place in the NFCW after 1 week. It seems strange to me that no one had that as a BOLD prediction.

In NFCN news, Aaron Rodgers somehow had less than 200 yards, but still managed to throw 3 TDs. Ameer Abdullah looks legit. The Bears still suck. The Vikings look like a much improved team, and should be playoff contenders.

Overall, I was a pretty abysmal 4/32 this week, with a couple close calls. I guess it isn’t bad for a guy that got drunk and predicted that “Geno Smith has 3 passing TDs.

Here were my correct predictions.

  • Wilson sacked 6 times.
  • Jarvis Landry gets a return TD.
  • PHI has less than 100 yds rushing (63)
  • AP has less than 65 rush yds (31)

And the “oh so close.”

  • DAL has less than 75 yds rushing. (80)





  • RW has over thirty pass attempts

Noshoes – (2/14 overall)

  • Mariota has passer rating above 110 (158.3)
  • Winston completes under 50% of passes (16/33)


  • The 49ers win their opener 🙂 (Included for absurdity factor)

Honorable mentions

BMT – Sometimes you have to know when to pull back just a hair.

  • Rams D sacks Wilson 7 times

Ancientage – So close. The Niners’ crappy O-line only gave up 1 sack in week 1.

  • Colin Kaepernick does not get sacked week one


The Losers

Charlie –  0/6

Too Short – It is nearly impossible for MFA to take his game to another level

  • MFA will outdo himself and reach a whole new level of retard

BMT – 0/3

Munkey – 0/1

SaintsChicka – 0/1 (Like NO had a shot to win by 20)

BKOB – 0/5

Steeler07 – 0/1

Honky – 0/1

SacSig – 0/1

Griz  – 0/1

OSS  –  0/1

Adusoron  – 0/3 (The combo predictions are killing you)

Keal  – 0/1

Turn Rae – 0/1


That’s it for now. I’ll have week two’s prediction article up on Wednesday.  Enjoy your Tuesday.



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