San Francisco 49ers

Quick ReKaep

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After the Arizona Cardinals were dismantled by the Atlanta Falcons, Chris Keal, our beloved leader, fell into a deep alcohol stupor and was unable to post a morning post for the loyal readers here at SKA.   As his intern, I will attempt to recap the horrible football weekend (and Turkey day).   Seahawks: They…

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An Ode to an Under-Appreciated Truthsayer: Kawakami Time

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The 49ers don’t just have a Seattle problem any more, now they have an Everything Problem. But it starts with Seattle. Oh my, it all begins with Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll and every part of the 49ers’ ongoing—and expanding—Seahawks Nightmare. Might end with Seattle, too. The Seahawks have beaten the 49ers before,…

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Charlie The Unicorns – Week #13

150 150 Charlie the Unicorn

NFL Week 13 is here. I went 10-5 last week …..and now I’m (115-63 overall straight-up)….. killed Tribe in SKA FF this week, thanks to WR J. Gordon and RB J. Forsett! The Saints played like garbage at home, AGAIN. #1 pretenders in NFL now. The Cardinals lost a hard faught game in Seattle, they…

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The Real BKOB Report: Week 13 Edition

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GOOD MORNING SKA USERS. IT’S TUESDAY AND THAT MEANS IT’S TIME TO ARM YOURSELVES… WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! Oh Glory Be, Knowledge Seekers! What a wonderful and glorious Thanksgiving week! I’ll tell you folks what I’m thankful for: The long-awaited end to a fraudulent, embarrassing and criminally dishonorable eight-game winning streak for the Arizona Cardinals. For too…

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MMBQ: 5 Sunday Takes and The Fine 15

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Five Sunday takes 1. The Cleveland Browns might be the best team in the AFC North and might be the worst team in the AFC North. How can you know? We could enter Week 13 with all four teams in the division having seven wins. I’m no Elias Sports Bureau employee, but if it happens—Baltimore needs…

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