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After the Arizona Cardinals were dismantled by the Atlanta Falcons, Chris Keal, our beloved leader, fell into a deep alcohol stupor and was unable to post a morning post for the loyal readers here at SKA.


As his intern, I will attempt to recap the horrible football weekend (and Turkey day).



They won?

(EDIT: a more detailed review of this disgusting team will be provided by BKOB on his weekly report)


Where shall I begin? Greg Roman’s inability to game plan cost the 49ers against the Seahawks, as Richard Sherman enjoyed a perfectly cooked turkey at Levi’s stadium. Kaepernick continues to struggle playing against Sherman and co, failing to make the necessary reads and causing a stir in the niner nation. Loyal fans such as BMT and Tribe took to the blog to express their dissatisfaction with the team, and calling for Jam Harbug and Greg Roman’s head. In addition, young owner Jed York also spoke out after the embarrassing loss, by simply stating the game was “unacceptable.” Despite the owner’s poorly designed stadium, he felt the need to say this about the coach who changed the culture in San Francisco. Shockingly, the voice of reason came from an unlikely source: Cassie Baalke. The beautiful and intelligent young lady took to twitter to express her opinion.  In less than 180 characters, she detailed her dislike for Greg Roman, and even claimed the 49ers no longer wanted the fat man running the offense in San Francisco. Her father, who lacked the same “balls” chastised his own daughter to defend the man who had single handily destroyed the team. Perhaps the media reports were right about San Fransisco, and there is discontinuity in the team’s front office.


The Rams continue to shock the world, as they obliterated the Oakland Raiders 52-0! The game was a preview of next week, as they 49ers will have their bye week in Oakland.  Back to the Rams, Tre Mason and Shaun Hill picked apart an aging Oakland defense. Standing at 5-7, they were steadily gaining on the Seahawks, and it would not be shocking if they finished the year with the same record as the defending champs at 9-7. Fisher’s turn around of the team is very promising, and with wins against the Seahawks, 49ers, and Broncos already under their belt, he’s shown that his team can compete with the best of them. Expect him to be back next year with an even cooler beard and more fake punt plays.


Needing a win to stay ahead of the Seahawks and 49ers, the Cardinals struggled to move the ball with Stanton for the 3rd straight game. Mikefromaz had earlier criticized the team’s secondary, despite DieHardCard’s wild claims that they were an elite secondary, and was proven right as Julio Jones abused Patrick Peterson like Adrian Peterson at a family reunion. However, the team is still the #1 seed in the NFC at 9-3 and realistically only need two more wins to avoid missing the playoffs. With RB Ellington and S Mathieu hurt in the game, the question comes up whether or not Arians will sign Ray Rice to give the team the extra boost to get them into the playoffs. Whatever may be the case, it will be an exciting month to decide the division, and the WC spots.


Next Up:

Seahawks:  Travel to Philly to face the Sanchize

49ers: Bye week in Oakland

Rams:  Bye week vs Redskins

Cardinals:  Alex Smith and the Chiefs come to town


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