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NFL Week 11 is here. I went 10-3 last week …..and now I’m (98-51 overall straight-up)….. week #10 had three games not go according to plan.

The biggest news was the Cardinals QB Palmer lost for the season due to a knee injury. This changes the NFC playoff equation. Can the Lions march into Arizona and beat the redbirds? Let’s take a look at the match-ups for this week.

The number of stars rank the best games, in my opinion, to sink your precious NFL watching time.


Thursday Night Football (Nov 13) EASTERN TIME Broadcast

Buffalo at Miami 8:25PM NFL

Point Spread : -4 Dolphins
O/U : 41.5

The DL of the Bills vs the OL of the Dolphins. Can Bills WR Watkins be a big enough threat to overcome the dolphin defense? The Dolphin QB has to play steady and error free; let the defense do the heavy lifting.

Prediction: 24 – 21 Fish
(Due to late posting of this article, actual score was 22-9)

Sunday Football (NOV 16)

Minnesota at Chicago 1:00 PM CBS (Yes – CBS)

Point Spread : -3.5 Bears
O/U: 46.5

The Bears look like garbage. A flaming pile of garbage. They have successfully squandered a playoff opportunity, 1 more loss will knock them out fo the picture. The Vikings are looking for respect… they will get some respect in this game. QB Bridgewater looks like the truth for the Vikings.

Prediction: 27 – 24 Vikings

Houston at Cleveland 1:00 PM CBS (*)

Point Spread : -3 Browns
O/U: 42.5

Browns at home… continue to pound the rock with all three RBs. QB Hoyer need to keep his head on a swivel and have quick throws, to offset the diruptivness of JJ WATT (and Clowney). A defensive TD could swing this game either way..

Prediction: 24 – 21 Browns

Seattle at Kansas City 1:00 PM FOX (**)

Point Spread : -2 Chiefs
O/U: 42.5

This will be a FG type of game. Plenty of smash mouth football… old school football NFL viewers love. The Chiefs are hot and the Seahawks are warming up…. it will be around 29 degrees at kickoff. Watch out for Chief TE Kelce, he should shine in this game, especially in the Redzone.

Prediction: 23 – 20 Chiefs

Atlanta at Carolina 1:00 PM FOX

Point Spread : -1 Falcons
0/U: 47.0

A whole lot of bad going on in this game. Both teams wandering in the ~3 win wasteland. The winner is still in the hunt for the NFCS, the loser can book plane tickets for Cancun. Only FF owners care about this game…

Prediction: 17 – 14 Panthers

Cincinnati at New Orleans 1:00 PM CBS (***)

Point Spread : -7.5 Saints
0/U: 45.5

The Bengals are turning into the Bungals of old… The Saints are not exactly great either. QB Brees has been gift wrapping INTs, like it is going out of style, this season. If the Saints can’t beat the Bengals at home, then how the hell they going to make a playoff push?

Prediction: 30 – 21 Saints

Tampa Bay at Washington 1:00 PM FOX

Point Spread : -7.5 Redskins
0/U: 45.5

Pick the home team. What else is there to say?

Prediction: 27 – 17 Skins

Denver at St. Louis 1:00 PM CBS

Point Spread : -9.5 Broncos
O/U: 50.5

The Broncos are heavily favored and have a deep team on offense and defense. I expect the Rams defense to keep the game close, but WR E. Sanders will blow it open late. The DL for the Rams is starting to perform as advertised, so that could keep the score low.

Prediction: 28 – 17 Broncos

San Francisco at NY Giants 1:00 PM FOX

Point Spread : -4 49ers
O/U: 44.5

This is a gritty looking game. The NY Giants will be looking for some respect, to salvaege a lost season. The 49ers have to get it together on both offense and defense.. and have a complete game. CK7 has not been the problem with the offense, it is the hands of the WR and TEs.. no drops and the 49ers win.. drops and… JH will be warming up the phone lines in Michigan.

Prediction: 24 – 23 49ers

Oakland at San Diego 4:05 PM CBS (*)

Point Spread : -10 Chargers
O/U: 55.0

The Chargers at home. This should be an easy win. However, the AFCW games have been somewhat competitve this season. The point spread is way too big, I think it will be a FG or less difference by the end of the game. Carr vs Rivers…

Prediction: 24- 20 Chargers

Philadelphia at Green Bay 4:25 PM FOX (****)

Point Spread : -6.5 Packers
O/U: 54.5

One of the great games of the weekend…. the Sanchize invades Packerland. The Eagles rushing attack is what should worry the Packers, if McCoy gets on track.. he can slice them up. Packers QB Rodgers will do what he has been doing.. score 4+ TDs… so will the Eagles outscore him?

Prediction: 35 – 31 Packers

Detroit at Arizona 4:25 PM FOX (*****)

Point Spread : -1 Cardinals
O/U: 41.5

This is by far the best game of the weekend. Both of these teams have been historically bad, but in 2014 are the top 2 defenses in the NFC and have plenty of explosion on each offense as well. Megatron vs PP, Tate vs Cromartie/HoneyBadger…. Det DL vs AZ OL…. this should be a heavy weight fight, with plenty of hard hits and excitement..

Prediction: 24 – 23 Lions

Sunday Night Football

New England at Indianapolis 8:30 PM NBC (****)

Point Spread : -3 Colts
O/U: 57.5

This will be a scoring-fest. Neither defense will be able to fully shut down the other. The team that can establish the rush/running attack will win the game. The stars will shine brightly on both sides, but an unknown player will steal the show…. WR Whalen for the Colts, if he plays.

Prediction: 44 – 41 Colts

Monday Night Football (Nov 10)

Pittsburgh at Tennessee 8:30 PM ESPN (**)

Point Spread : -6.5 Steelers
O/U: 46.5

The Steelers were shocked back into reality, they will be prepared to put a complete game together. There won’t be 6 TD passing as in 2 of the last 3 weeks, but there will be enough to do the job.

Prediction: 27 – 21 Steelers

And since the Imperious Leader was late with a suitable image for me to use…. this is what you get.

Peace out SKAsians.

“Go Hawks”


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