ChatGPT Presents: A Long Offseason

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In the realm of Spiked KoolAid, the football faithful reside,
A blog where passions run deep and wide,
Through the long off-season, we patiently wait,
Engaging in battles, sometimes fueled by hate.

Non-football debates took their fiery toll,
As politics and religion played a relentless role,
Yet now the horizon brightens anew,
The season approaches, our spirits renew.

Bader’s kindness, Lisa’s football insights,
Scotti’s humor shining bright as daylight,
Keal’s sobriety, Tribe’s wisdom profound,
Fred’s neighbor, Jive’s attacks unbound.

From division to unity, the transition unfolds,
The thrill of the game, a story untold,
Fans stand united, their hearts intertwine,
Trolling and camaraderie in perfect combine.

With laughter and jest, we tease and we jest,
Football’s return puts us all to the test,
A tapestry woven with threads of the sport,
A community strong, of every sort.

And in this tapestry, there’s a figure askew,
Beaster, the outcast, a name that few pursue,
Disliked and shunned, but a part of this tale,
A reminder that unity can prevail.

The SKA legacy, football’s embrace,
Bringing us closer in this virtual space,
The battles of off-season, now memories old,
As the kickoff approaches, the story’s retold.

So let’s celebrate the peace we’ve attained,
In Spiked KoolAid’s world, where fans remain,
From politics to touchdowns, we rise above,
A community bound by a shared love.


SKA Intern

Asheville, NC English Literature BA - 2019 Grad

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