ESPN: Tony Romo is winless in Seattle

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By Calvin Watkins |

IRVING, Texas — It’s been years since Tony Romo fumbled that snap in Seattle. Years.
Well, 2006.After that NFC playoffs wild card debacle where Romo fumbled the snap on a field goal try in Bill Parcells’ last season as a coach in the NFL, he’s played well against Seattle.

But he’s never won in Seattle.

Romo is 3-2 lifetime against the Seahawks, with both losses coming in the Pacific Northwest. The 2006 loss ended with Romo’s fumble and the 2012 loss ended before it started with the Cowboys trailing 10-0 after touching the ball just once on offense in a 27-7 loss.

“I don’t remember negative things very much anymore,” Romo said. “I kinda let those things slide by.”

Romo takes a different team to Seattle on Sunday afternoon, and this might give him his best chance to win there. It’s a team led by a running back, DeMarco Murray, who leads the NFL in rushing and is one of the top contenders for the MVP.

Romo’s offensive line is no longer a veteran mix-matched group. He’s got young offensive linemen who are impressing coaches and scouts across the league.

The problem with going to Seattle is dealing with the crowd noise. But Romo understands how to silence crowd noise: run the ball with Murray and take shots into the Seattle zone defense.

“They do really everything well,” Romo said. “It’s a difficult atmosphere. Great up front, great on the back end, they’re fast, they kinda tightened down, and their defense makes it constricted in there and you kinda take your shots to keep them off.”

The game Sunday will tell plenty about the Cowboys and whether or not they move up to elite status in the NFL. But it seems that fumbled snap from Romo continues to haunt this franchise.

“By not having [the win], it impacted a lot of lives,” Jerry Jones said Friday on 105.3 FM The Fan.

Romo has forgotten about the loss, yet, people still remember what happened, and a victory Sunday could help in the healing process.

“I think that’s behind us, but yeah that was definitely one of the toughest games I ever played in, just how the swing of the game and coming down to that moment, “ said Romo’s best friend, tight end Jason Witten. “Try to forget those for sure.”




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