K1 PRESENTS: SKA Election Results

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The time has come to declare a winner in the SKA Election. Many votes were cast, and many more were recorded. People both deceased and alive voted, some more than once. It was a truly incredible experience to be able to manage this election. Here are the vote totals:

Mosley: Himself 2x

Ron: Lisa/Rant

Mars: Lisa/Rant

FJY: Himself 2x

Jive: Rant/Lisa

Juju: Himself

Yoshii: FJY

ReTodd: Sc0tti/Zippy

MFA: Himself

Monz: Dubs/Rant

KZ: Lisa/Rant

Jordy: Sc0tti/Rant

Vegas: Himself for libtards

Too Short: Keal

Bader: Lisa/Zippy

4905: Lisa/Too Short

sc0tti: Himself 2x

Munky: Lisa/MFA

Dubs: Himself

Tribe: Himself/Lisa

Beaster: Abstain FJY

Lisa: Abstain FJY

Stelter: Bob 2x

Justin: Abstain FJY

Rant: FJY

OMGZ: Mosley

Cocktoasten: Mosley

Special dump truck: Mosley x1500 for Libtard Leader

SteelersDepot: CK x1000, but they voted for him to go to prison. Not sure where to go with this one.

FYS: Agree to be paid an undisclosed amount to take Juju back in exchange for 100 votes for Mosley

Undisclosed briefcase: FJY x1500 for MAGA Supreme Leader

Therefore, with the special votes the rest of them are irrelevant. Your winners are:

  • Mosley for Libtard Leader
  • FJY for Supreme MAGA Leader

Congratulations to the winners, they truly separated themselves from the pack. The positions are for the rest of their natural lives. So there will be no Article II, no recount, and no investigations into anything. Depending on where your political biases lay, you have a new leader and you will obey them. God Bless SKA God Bless America



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