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Here are some reviews of my favorite radio station in Orlando, 105.9 SUNNY FM. I listen to this station exclusively during my drive to and from work.

Padawan5 31.08.2022
I have been a dedicated listener to 105.9 and usually the morning show for as long as i remember, now with that Smokestack fellow i am just fed up that my favorite morning show has turned into a LETS Bash non-Republicans and Non-Trump Supporters and push conspiracy theories

Nancy Rodriguez 30.07.2021
I am getting tired of hearing Rick Stacy filled with so much hate for President Biden and anything that he does not agree with. EVRY single morning, he is complaining about something that the current administration and elected officials did and didn’t do. He is constantly spouting conspiracy theories and untruths. This morning,, I had to keep changing stations because he would just not stop talking/complaining. It’s like he is filled with anger and foaming at the mouth. Geez. Stop your whining already. Your Trump lost. GET OVER IT!!

Lorrie Sabatino 30.08.2021
This station would be decent if it weren’t for Rick in the AM. Negative, ill-informed, tin-foil hat conspiracist that would be better served on his own podcast. He doesn’t belong on this station. Just play music, we don’t need his opinion.

Mark Vierow 20.02.2022
Tune in for QConspiracy Rick in the morning; he loves the uneducated! The music is good but the morning show is idiotic.

Dave Reeves 12.01.2022
As someone said below there is tinfoil commentary and it is pretty much every show. Example, conspiracy Rick reports on a car found burned in front of Daytona PD with someone burned inside. Pretty horrific right? Then someone mentions vaccines and he goes into a rant on how “the media” is trying to scare the crap out of you. Uh hey Rick aren’t you the media and didn’t you try to scare the crap out of… pretty lame. Conclusion: Sophomoric Qnon show with dated music..

Marie W Miller 26.05.2022
This was one of my favorite stations. This morning I had to change the channel because your morning show guy, Rick is trumpeting maga. Blaming Beto for confronting the gun nut Greg Abbott after 14 kids were killed with an assault weapon. Also him being unsure if gun control would help. He can just go eff right off. I hope his kids never have to hide under desks and in classroom closets because of an unregulated gun. I realize this won’t make a damn bit of difference but at least you know and I feel better.



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