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NFC East Week 1 Predictions

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By: Mytee Of the four teams, only the Eagles managed to escape the offseason without any alarming scandals.    The Cowboys are in a death match with their All Pro running back.  The Redskins 7 time Pro Bowl left tackle is a no show.   The Giants flubbed the offseason by trading away one of their two…

2019 NFC East Season Predictions

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By Joey Esquire NFCE Standings: 1. Eagles (11-5) 2. Cowboys (8-8) 3. Giants (7-9) 4. Redskins (6-10) bEast Curse lives. The Eagles have a strong roster and good coaching on both sides of the ball. Wentz staying healthy is the constant caveat for this team and, I think, the only real obstacle that could prevent…

End of Training Camp Expectations

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By: Mytee As training camps come to a close and the preseason officially begins, fans have heard enough about what their teams have put together for the 2019 season to form some realistic expectations.   Before we can see the depth the teams yield in preseason, let’s set expectations for each of the four NFC East…


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By Joey Tire-Esquire Rushing offense is the new Eli vs Romo. It gives us something to scream at each other about all offseason, which is fine I guess… but we’re mostly talking past each other. This article is intended to be a balanced, nuanced discussion to hopefully get us to consensus, so we can finally…

NFC East Defensive Positional Group Rankings

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By: Lupo EDGE: 1. Dallas: DLaw & Quinn, who is past his prime, make a formidable tandem 2. Skins: Kerrigan on pace for the Hall of Very Good and Sweat could be a steal if he lives up to his pre-draft hype. 3. Eagles: Losing Long and Bennett hurts the depth here, but Barnett should…

NFC East Positional Group Rankings – Offense

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By: Lupo Offense: WR: 1. Eagles- little bit of everything in this group 2. Giants- Tate & Sheppard are very good 3. Cowboys- Cooper proved a lot, not buying the Cobb hype 4. Skins- Trey Quinn and some dudes RB: 1. Giants- best RB in the league 2. Cowboys- 3rd best RB in the league…

A Farewell from Justin

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THE REAL NEWS: -Liberals are ruining our country, especially the ones on the spectrum, like dong and aoc. -Trump is the best President we have had in decades. Beenthere knows it. -Shaq is a Cowboys Fan. Shaq is the best. -Squatch and PoP don’t put food on the table for their families. -Fivers, Justin, Mosley,…

NFC East Pre-Training Camp Prediction Center

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NFC East Top 10

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By Justin This is my article don’t @ me just F yourself. Top 10 offensive skill players heading into 2019 season 1. Ezekiel Elliott 2. Saquon Barkley 3. Carson Wentz 4. Zach Ertz 5. Jordan Howard 6. Amari Cooper 7. Alshon Jeffrey 8. Darius Guice 9. Dak Prescott 10. Sterling Shepard h.m. Jordan Reed. Top…

NFC East Positional Rankings

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NFC EAST POSITIONAL RANKINGS This is not only based off of personnel, but how coaching comes into play, and performance from the past two years. I did not get as analytical as I would have liked to. Took me long enough to write this master piece as it is, and no one is going to…