Sc0tti Presents: One long run-on sentence regarding covid vaccines

400 500 Vegas oof i mean this is pretty accurate, no need to deny it just because you love your government MSM and big pharm, its weird biden never did anything for you, no need to defend this this is happening tribe, you can be in denial all you want. but I mean.. lol, if this information makes it through MSM its probably worse than this dont get me wrong. i can understand why you guys would be so against the idea of the vaccine being bad for you. its in your have a conflict of interest it is what it is hey guys, i didnt get the vaccine and im alive, maybe that means you didnt need it either LOL!!!!! big oof, big big oof imagine that, you are lab rats LOL im so fucking glad im not a lab rat why would i be angry that you took a toxin and i didnt if anything im happy about it I would argue more than half of covid deaths during the pandemic were not solely because of covid, so your idea of all of that being covid is fucking hilarious and just not feasible its weird you would choose to live in some alternate reality just because you took the boosters actually read it bader, its gonna scare the shit out of you. you have more toxins in you than your average 3 headed fish the entire article shines light on the difference between mortality rates during the start of the pandemic, and once the vaccine was dropped on the public these idiots are so worried about dying from the vaccine they are adamant that theres no excess deaths and its all made up ROFL imagine defending the vaccine