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The big Super Bowl bets

$1 million: The first of what’s expected to be several million-dollar Super Bowl bets was reported Jan. 30 by Caesars Sportsbook. The bet: $1 million on the 49ers money line (-120).

$600,000: A DraftKings bettor grabbed the 49ers moneyline at -120 with a $600,000 bet that will net $500,000 with a San Francisco victory.

$315,000: One DraftKings bettor staked $315,000 on the 49ers spread at -2 (-105), which will pay out $300,000 in winnings if the Niners cover.

$260,000: A bettor at FanDuel placed a $260,000 wager on the 49ers moneyline at -130, which would net $200,000 if San Francisco wins.


$200,000: Caesars Sportsbook reported taking a $200,000 bet on 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy to win Super Bowl MVP at +240 odds.

• $120,000: One bettor at South Point put in wagers for 60 different props across the board at $2,000 each for a total of $120,000, per Vaccaro.

$105,000: Legendary Las Vegas bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro of the South Point casino reported taking a $105,000 bet on the 49ers -1 on Jan. 29.

$105,000: One bettor at BetMGM put down $140 on Kyle Juszczyk to win Super Bowl MVP at 750-1 odds. The wager would net $105,000 if Juszczyk claims the award.

$100,000: Caesars reported taking a $100,000 on the coin toss to land tails from a Michigan bettor on Jan. 30. A hundred K on the coin toss? What the flip!?

Side note: The most popular prop bet at DraftKings as of Feb. 2 was… tails. The second-most popular: heads.

$25,000 to win $1 million: A bettor with DraftKings reportedly put $25,000 on Kansas City running back Isiah Pacheco to be named Super Bowl MVP. At 40-1, the bet would pay $1 million.

$15,000 to win $975,000: A bettor with DraftKings dropped $15,000 on Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice to be MVP. At 65-1, the bet would win $975,000.


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