1000 705 Warv Ette

    All That you know, and all you all be
    Make up this great piling of common disease
    And if it came down to whittling down the pile
    There’d be certain pairings of suffering and smiles

    So here is a prediction of unions so stout
    Forever they’d prove everyone else missing out

    *SKA Draft Order was decided by pingpong balls and drugs*

    And with the first pick in the 2018 SpikedKoolAid Commenter Draft.. Packfan in Vegas selects:

    1: Lisa. I know what you’re thinking, it should’ve been Nav, but this may be the only girl Vegas will ever have.

    2: Keal. Why’s he so high when there’s questions, you say? About the commitment in the man’s DNA? It’s because he’s too dreamy to let get away from the holder of this second pick, MFA.

    3: BKOB, picked by Bob without sound. Who will revel in bias, till his scrolling finger turns brown.

    4: MFA, grabbed at number 4, what a bargain! By poor KZ who’s lips are so hip to his Jargon.

    5: This pick will be traded from Scotti to Brew, who will just choose himself like some cheap fucking Jew.

    6: At six, of all picks, are a couple of hicks, 4905 grabs Tigre so they can suck each-other’s dicks.

    7: At seven, what heaven, as Monkey chose Tribe, but their relationship is short, cuz only one of them speaks Jive.

    8: I’ve given this great thought, with only a few dickheads left, I think Halo picks Loyal, to save his butthole from the rest.

    9: On Dasher, on Danner, and Donner and Blitzen, is the perfect kiddie rhyme for pedos Bader and ikitten.

    10: At ten, so much zen! How much better could it get? Than Jordy trading up to pick that faget warvette.

    Well there you go, fuckers, and homos and jews, be sure to stay tuned for more boos in round number two!

    *Heres a bonus prediction, in the short time we have, I predict the ghost of DHC would choose the zombie of Nav. Which will make Vegas jealous, for he needed a lover, and Nav seemed so perfect, if they could just learn to fuck each other.



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