The Real BKOB Report – Week 12 Edition

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    Welcome, Knowledge Seekers, to another exciting edition of The Real BKOB Report! This is the place to go when you want to see what your team is good at – unless you’re a Niner fan, then your team isn’t good at anything. They don’t crack the top-15 in any category for the third week in a row. But we still hope you can enjoy yourself!

    And now, everybody’s favorite part of Football Season… STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NFCW Quarterbacks (Ranked by Passer Rating)
    J Goff – 223/361 (61.8%) 2,964 yds, 8.2 ypa, 18td, 5 int, 98.6 rtg
    R Wilson – 256/411 (62.3%) 3,029 yds, 7.4 ypa, 23 td, 8 int, 95.2 rtg
    B Gabbert – 44/72 (61.1%) 498 yds, 6.9 ypa, 5 td, 3 int, 87.6 rtg
    C Beathard – 123/224 (54.9%) 1,430 yds, 6.4 ypa, 4 td, 6 int, 69.2 rtg

    NFCW Rushers (Ranked by Rushing Yards)
    T Gurley – 204 att, 865 yds, 4.2 ypc, 8 td, 5 fum
    C Hyde – 157 att, 639 yds, 4.1 ypc, 4 td, 1 fum
    R Wilson – 65 att, 401 yds, 6.2 ypc, 3 td, 4 fum
    A Peterson – 129 att, 448 yds, 3.5 ypc, 2 td, 3 fum

    What’s Changed?
    All of the NFCW Teams won this weekend, except for the Niners of course because Kyle Shanahan is their coach and he’s an inadequate failure. The 49ers should really make a move on Greg Schiano while he’s still available.

    Slightly off topic, but can you think of ONE great person in World History named “Kyle”? I seriously can’t. Kyle Busch? Is that it? Does he even count?

    My Analysis
    With all the excitement surrounding Russell Carrington Wilson’s historic pursuit of 5,000 total yards (the most incredible feat in NFCW history), we’ve almost lost sight of Bobby Wagner’s astonishing, Golden Boner-worthy season. 100 tackles (for the 6th consecutive year), 9 TFLs, along with 2 INTs, a Fumble Recovery and a TD. And the season is not even close to being over.

    Watching his instinctive drive to make plays, super human speed, and efficient tackling has been one of the great joys of our lifetime. We, as football fans, should all be thankful to the Seahawks for having so many generationally-great players for us to enjoy watching. They’ve done us all a tremendous service.

    Oh, Kyle Seager. Of course. But other than that, nobody.

    And now, how about your feedback? called to say I was PROBABLY going to win another Golden Boner Award this year. I asked them how they got my number, then contacted the FBI.

    Thank you, and always remember: Kill… Danny… O’neil…………………..



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