The Real BKOB Report – 2018 – Week 7 Edition

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Oh, Hello. I didn’t see you there. The Seahawks just had their bye week, so I assumed I could take the week off and nobody would notice. Instead of compiling Knowledge Tables, I spent the weekend out in the sunshine, skipping rocks at the old watering hole, painting picket fences, and walking down long dirt roads while carrying a fishing pole and whistling the Andy Griffith show theme-song. Bye weeks are the best!! I’ll see you guys next week!!

Hahaha! Just kidding! I was only testing your clamorous yearning for Knowledge. Gotta keep you guys on your toes!

The Seahawks are back in action this week against the Lions. I haven’t done any research on Detroit, but I know they’re better than their record suggests… specifically, one game better, having been jobbed out of a win by the referees when they played against the 49ers.

Just think, if it wasn’t for that bad call, Kyle Shanahan would be 0-7 for the 2nd time in his short tenure as 49ers Head Coach. I like this guy!!

Now, let’s all… STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

NFCW Quarterbacks (Ranked by Passer Rating)
J Goff – 152/218 (69.7%) 2,130yds, 9.8 ypa, 14 td, 5 int, 112.7 rtg
R Wilson – 106/165 (64.2%) 1,308 yds, 7.9 ypa, 13 td, 4 int, 104.8 rtg
C Beathard – 88/141 (62.4%) 1,062 yds, 7.5 ypa, 7 td, 7 int, 81.3 rtg
J Rosen – 71/129 (55.0%) 820 yds, 6.4 ypa, 3 td, 5 int, 66.0 rtg

NFCW Rushers (Ranked by Rushing Yards)
T Gurley – 144 att, 686 yds, 4.8 ypc, 11 td, 0 fum
M Breida – 68 att, 445 yds, 6.5 ypa, 2 td, 1 fum
C Carson – 48 att, 352 yds, 4.5 ypa, 1 td, 1 fum
D Johnson – 106 att, 335 yds, 3.2 ypa, 5 td, 2 fum

What’s Changed?
The So-Called Rams have won 7 games. They can stop now. To win any more would dishonor the below-average legacy of Jeff Fisher, the mustachioed magnate of mediocrity who single-handedly built that team into what it is today. How soon they forget.

Like the old saying goes: If we don’t repeat the mistakes of our past, we’re doomed to… learn from… no wait.. or, reapeat… something, and if not we’re doomed to a post-Reality purgatory of nightmarish misery and woe. Not good!!

My Analysis
The future of Last Place is at stake this weekend when the 49ers face off against the Cardinals in the Battle for Mike’s Memes. The last time they played each other it was really, really funny. Will MFA be forced to delete his beloved Memes?? Or will he re-post them several times a day for the remainder of the season, and the offseason?? I can’t wait to find out!

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Thank you, and always remember: Kill… Danny… O’neil……………..………..



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