AFC North Week 16 Preview

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Welcome back and all that.  Each week, I’ll post a quick writeup of pending AFC North games, with a few notable points and, yes, timely, knowledgeable predictions regarding the games’ outcomes.

As usual, these picks are for fun and should in no way be used for actual wagering purposes. That is, unless you want to make a ton of money in a legal forum, because we know more stuff and things about football than you do or something.


Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets
Sunday, December 27, 1:00 pm, CBS

Having played excellent offensive football this season, particularly lately, the Browns may be peaking, but it shouldn’t matter against the “streaking” Jets, who trail the entire NFL field in nearly every statistical category.  The Browns will score a lot of points Sunday, and the Jets won’t.  Sometimes it really is that simple.

Me:  Browns 35, Jets 13


New York Giants @ Baltimore Ravens
Sunday, December 27, 1:00 pm, FOX

The Giants are optimistic injured QB Daniel Jones will return Sunday, but doubtful it will make much difference against a determined Ravens team in apparent playoff mode already.  Given the vast point differential between these teams, look for the Ravens to score any way possible and only loosely rely on a game plan over QB Lamar Jackson’s improvisational skills.

Me:  Giants 16, Ravens 28


Indianapolis Colts @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Sunday, December 27, 1:00 pm, CBS

The Colts are winners of five of their last six games.  The Steelers have lost their last three games in humiliating fashion, including last weeks’ inexplicable defensive collapse against one of the worst offenses in the NFL in Cincinnati.  QB Ben Roethlisberger’s deepening struggles aside, the Steelers’ loss of MLB Devin Bush appears to be catching up with them as opponents are now confidently rushing against the Steelers’ formerly feared defense, with a fair amount of success.  Unless the Steelers can decipher their own personal Rosetta Stone before Sunday, the Colts appear ready to deliver a win against a troubled, sliding franchise.

Me:  Colts 27, Steelers 20


Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans
Sunday, December 27, 1:00 pm, FOX

Last week’s Cinderella is this week’s cannon fodder.  While the Bengals are to be lauded for last week’s takedown of the division-leading Steelers, it appears doubtful they’ll maintain that success against the Texans at home.  QB Ryan Finley is favored to start after his solid effort against the Steelers, but the talent level between these teams is still pretty large, especially on offense.  Look for Texans QB Deshaun Watson to directly attack the Bengals’ suspect secondary all day and gain significant yards doing it.

Me:  Bengals 16, Texans 24


Sorry for the brevity this week, but the Holidays beckon.  Speaking of which…

Happy Holidays. AFC North!

See y’all there.



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