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AFC North Week 17 Wrapup

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To begin, the somber notes emanating from Cincinnati Monday night in the wake of Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac arrest dominated the NFL landscape by Tuesday morning.  Needless to say, the collective NFL world – and SKA, believe it or not – is hoping and praying for a full recovery for Hamlin, and wish…

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AFC North Week 16 Wrapup

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Apologies for the absence of Week 15 information. Just to get caught up (and account for the fact few will be online to read anything this week), in Week 15, the Browns beat the Ravens, the Bengals beat the snot out of the Buccaneers, and the Steelers squeaked by the Panthers. This week was a…

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AFC North Week 14 Wrapup

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Divisional weekends are such fun. Old rivalries are renewed, new bragging rights are established, and predictions of valor (or shame) are routinely broken, to be thrown into the dustbin of other dashed hopes and visions of failed excellence. Or maybe your team won, and you said, somewhere, it was possible.  Unlike me. Good for you.…

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AFC North Week 13 Wrapup

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This looks familiar. The football stars appear to be aligning for the Bengals at a time when they need it most, while the Ravens are struggling mightily on offense.  The Browns are trying to appear competent with their shuffling at quarterback, eschewing controversy for supposed production.  And the Steelers are still hanging around. Every season…

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AFC North Week 12 Wrapup

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The AFC North is a tricky beast. No prediction has been safe within the division the last few years.  Point spreads mean little.  Performances are uneven and impossible to quantify in a larger team context.  Underdogs routinely ruin Sundays, often late in games and in agonizing fashion. But we’ll discuss the Ravens more in a…

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