BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks (Part 1)

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Greetings, Knowledge Seekers.

Today seemed like as good a day as any to celebrate the history of the Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawkinest franchise in the NFL! Join me, won’t you?

I present to you: BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks (Part 1). Why 12?? Because it’s the coolest number in Football. So let’s get right into it!!

12) Kam Chancellor
S 2010-2017
Super Bowl XLVIII Champion
2x NFC Champion 2013, 2014
2x Second-team All-Pro 2013, 2014
4x Pro Bowl 2011, 2013-2015

Oh man. You know this list is good when it STARTS with Bam Bam Kam!! In his prime, Kam was like a Superhero on the field. Whether he was leaping over the LOS to block a FG [1], running stride-for-stride with Wes Welker in the SB [2], or stopping a 260lb Mike Tolbert dead in his tracks [3], Kam was a one-man highlight reel. How many Safeties do you know who can pancake a LG [4]… twice [5]?? There’s also a strong argument that he could have been the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII (10 tackles, 1 INT, 2 PD) [6]

11) Matthew Hasselbeck
QB 2001-2010
NFC Champion 2005
3x Pro Bowl 2003, 2005, 2007

Seattle’s first Super Bowl QB – the steady-handed blacksmith that made the perfect compliment to Mike Holmgren’s West Coast Offense. In 2007, with Shaun Alexander’s injuries piling up, Coach Holmgren announced to the world that the Seahawks would be abandoning the run and relying heavily on Hasselbeck’s arm to get through the season [7]. This transparency surprised many in the local media – why share that intel with your forthcoming opponents?? But the Seahawks won 6 of their last 8 games. Matt had 15 TDs and 5 INTs in that timeframe, and led the Seahawks to an NFCW Title and another deep playoff run.

In January 2011, 36-year old Hasselbeck ran downfield to throw a block on the famous Beast Quake TD run [8]. A memorable moment to be sure, but what often goes unsung is that the double-digit home underdog Seahawks already HAD the lead at that point in the game, because Hasselbeck had thrown 4 TDs that night – outdueling Drew Brees in his final home game as a Seahawk. What a guy!

10) Shaun Alexander
RB 2000-2007
NFC Champion 2005
NFL MVP 2005
First-team All-Pro 2005
Second-team All-Pro 2004
3x Pro Bowl 2003-2005

Wow, an MVP and he barely cracks the Top 10?? The Seahawks are amazing

“But wait,” interject the ignorant Knowledge Haters of SKA, “Shaun Alexander only had ONE good season!” Balderdash! From 2001 to 2005 (a span of FIVE seasons) Shaun finished Top-3 in rushing TDs EVERY SINGLE YEAR, including two seasons at #1 and a record-breaking MVP season in 2005. He averaged 1,500 rushing yards per season during that incredible half-decade stretch. He has more rushing TDs than Hall of Famers OJ Simpson and Gale Sayers… combined.

His 100 TDs still ranks 8th all-time, and he scored every one of them as a Seahawk. If not for the wicked and pernicious Bill Leavy (may he RIP), Shaun would be in the Hall of Fame today [9].

Before we finish off this installment of The Top 12 Seahawks, let’s take a look at Some Honorable Mentions:
Steve Hutchinson – LG 2001-2005, Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Jacob Green – DE 1980-1991, 115.5 sacks (team record)
Dave Krieg – QB 1980-1991, 3x Pro Bowl, 70-49 record
Cliff Avril – DE 2013-2017, Super Bowl XLVIII Champion, 14 FF in 5 seasons
Anyone missing?? Let us know in the comments section below.  They may appear in future installments of BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks. Now, back to the list!!

9) Marshawn Lynch
RB 2010-2015, 2019
Super Bowl XLVIII Champion
2x NFC Champion 2013, 2014
First-team All-Pro 2012
Second-team All-Pro 2014
4x Pro Bowl 2011-2014

His relentless effort and earth-shattering power made him special. His durability made him great. And his big runs in the postseason made him a Legend. The Beast Quake kicked off a decade of excitement for Seahawks fans [10] culminating in a Super Bowl Championship and a lifetime’s worth of fond memories. Famous for his ability to break tackles and trample defenders, he was also an able receiver AND an excellent one-on-one blocker – a true Three-Down Feature Back in every sense of the word. Seahawks fans were never more confident than when they had Beast Mode in their backfield.

It also helps that he is an expert at trolling the 49ers [11]

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!! I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Golden Boner needs a rest. Let’s save some for next time. I’ll see you soon for BKOB Presents – The Top 12 Seahawks (Part 2)




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