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AFC North Junk

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No; not YOUR junk.  Put that thing away.  Here’s some links and things.   The return of Mason Rudolph could mean the end of Mitch Trubisky   Report: Jaguars, Bengals discussed Jonah Williams trade before draft

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AFC North Post Draft Links

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The 2023 NFL Draft happened.  Here’s some stuff about it.   Keeanu Benton says Mike Tomlin told him that Steelers need ‘goons’    

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AFC North Draft Stuff

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Because Disqus Sucks

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Hey! This is a new board for the AFC North folks.  It’s here because Disqus sucks hairy balls. Enjoy.

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Yet Another AFC North Chat Board

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All the AFCN news these days seems to center around Lamar Jackson.   He’s just trying to ensure his family is taken care of.   This burned-out author says the Ravens should trade his broken, self-deluded ass and collect maximum return, whatever that is.   ”That’s all.  That’s the article.”   ✌️    

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