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Another AFC North Chat Board

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Just because.  This board should carry us through free agency.  

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New AFC North Chat Board

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Because Disqus sucks.  Here’s a few links.  Enjoy. John Harbaugh: I think Jim Harbaugh is probably at Michigan for life Steelers want Mitch Trubisky around for a long time Rumor: Cleveland is a desirable destination among free agents

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AFC North 2022 Season Wrapup

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“Heck of a game.” – Del Griffith And it actually WAS one heck of a game.  The 2022-23 Super Bowl was indeed entertaining, featuring an epic second half comeback by hobbled QB Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs against the game and responsive Philadelphia Eagles, culminating in a 38-35 Chiefs victory, a fitting end…

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AFC North 2022 Bengals Review

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The 2022 NFL season marked the second consecutive AFC North title for the 12-4 Bengals.  Admit it:  You didn’t think that was possible. These Bengals are still owned by the 21st century’s stand-in for Frank Capra’s miserly Mr. Potter in Mike Brown, whose demonstrated acumen for cheapskating rosters into oblivion precludes most thinking that the…

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AFC North 2022 Ravens Review

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Whither now, Baltimore? The 2023 NFL offseason appears eerily similar to the 2022 NFL offseason for the Ravens, albeit with fewer injuries and roster positions to flesh out.  The lingering issue of QB Lamar Jackson’s will-he-or-won’t-he contract status remains unresolved while the team and Jackson supposedly negotiate for Jackson’s professional future.  This obviously stands to…

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