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NFL Week 8 is here. I went 10-5 last week …..and now I’m (67-41 overall)….. week #7 did not go according to plan for the Seahawks. Are the Cowboys for real, I’m still not buying it.. the defense is playing way over their heads.
Ok, I’ll give the Broncos some 6-1 love they deserve. One of the top offenses and defenses in AFC. They have been beating all comers and looking good. Can they keep ahead of “old man” time… we shall see.

Let’s take a look at the match-ups for this week. The number of stars rank the 5 best games, in my opinion.

BYE WEEK: (4-3) 49ers and (3-4) NY Giants

Thursday Night Football (Oct 22) EASTERN TIME Broadcast

San Diego at Denver 8:25PM CBS/NFL

Point Spread : -8.5 Broncos
O/U : 51.5

It is just tough to pick against the Broncos at home. Look for Hillman to continue to get carries and balance out the offense. I love Rivers, but I think the Chargers D is going to be overwhelmed by WR E. Sanders. I hate the Broncos, but…

Prediction: 37 – 24 Broncos

Sunday Football (OCT 19)

Detroit at Atlanta (London) 9:30 AM FOX

Point Spread : -3.5 Lions
O/U: 46.5

Overseas game. Atlanta is down 6 OL on the IR going into the game…. and QB Ryan is taking too many hits. Lions are the number 1 defense in NFL right now. Just ride the defense to victory.

Prediction: 33 – 14 Lions

St. Louis at Kansas City 1:00 PM FOX

Point Spread : -7.5 Chiefs
O/U: 44.0

The Rams pulled off a shocker at home last week. The Chiefs are at home and have been looking more complete now. I’m still not toatlly convinced the defense is going to show up, but lets go with some home cooking.

Prediction: 27 – 20 Chiefs

Houston at Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS

Point Spread : -2 Texans
O/U: 42.5

Both teams are underwhelming. The Texans defense should keep the game low scoring, but will the Texans score some points… I guess you ride the defense and RB Foster to the win on the road.

Prediction: 21 – 17 Texans

Seattle at Carolina 1:00 PM CBS* (**)

Point Spread : -4.5 Seahawks
0/U: 45.5

A dangerous game for the Seahawks, on the road and early. Look for CB Sherman to shadow WR Benjamin in the game. Seahawks are getting a few players back on offense and defense, so let’s go with the road team getting back to RB M. Lynch basics.  22+ touches in this game.

Prediction: 24 – 20 Seahawks

Minnesota at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX

The Bucs are at home. They have looked better as of late, but can you trust them. This is a hard game to predict, it could go either way. It will end with a flukey play or big time turnover. The Vikings in a squeaker.

Point Spread : -2.5 Bucs
0/U: 41.5

Prediction: 23 – 20 Vikings

Baltimore at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS (***)

Point Spread : EVEN
O/U: 45.5

The Bengals have looked like garbage for a few weeks. The offense loks out of sorts. I can only assume it is due to AJ Green missing significant play time. He is still questionable, so I’ll go with the suddenly streaking Blackbirds.

Prediction: 33 – 30 Ravens

Miami at Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS

Point Spread : -5.5 Dolphins
O/U: 43.5

I’m back on the Dolphin bandwagon. The defense has been solid and Tanehill has been putting up solid start after solid start. Look for the rushing attack to keep pounding away… poor Jaguars.

Prediction: 34 – 17 Dolphins

Chicago at New England 1:00 PM FOX (**)

Point Spread :-6 Patriots
O/U: 50.5

Locker room strife and lack of defensive talent are ruining another season for the Bears. Ever since the win over the 49ers, they have been in free fall. The Patriots at home are lucky, good and winners. Last minute heroics seal the deal for the Patriots. Look for a big game from WR Lafell.

Prediction: 33 – 24 Patriots

Buffalo at NY Jets 1:00 PM CBS (*)

Point Spread : -3 Jets
O/U: 40.5

The top 2 RBs for the Bills are out with injuries. QB Orten has finally got rookie WR Watkins going, but I do not think it will be enough. I suspect new recruit WR Percy Harvin will provide a spark and a win for the Jets.

Prediction: 27 – 17 Jets

Philadelphia at Arizona 4:05 PM FOX (****)

Point Spread : -2.5 Cardinals
O/U: 48.5

The key to the game is… can the Cardinals have multiple three and outs against the Eagles. Wearing down the Eagles defense and keep the game close going into the 4th quarter. The other key is the production of RB Ellington….

Prediction: 33 – 30 Eagles

Oakland at Cleveland 4:25 PM CBS

Point Spread : -7.5 Browns
O/U: 43.5

Just go with the ground and pound Browns in this one. Raiders are disintegrating from age. Look for QB Hoyer to have a bounce back game, only 2 more weeks until all world WR Gordon returns.

Prediction: 34 – 10 Browns

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh 4:25 PM CBS

Point Spread : -3 Colts
O/U: 49.0

The Colts have been resilient. I’m not totally convinved they are for real, they have feasted on some weak teams. The team believes and has Luck on their side. The Steelers defense looks like it is falling apart, so lets go with the road team here.

Prediction: 33 – 24 Colts

Sunday Night Football

Green Bay at New Orleans 8:30 PM NBC (*****)

Point Spread : -1 Saints
O/U: 55.5

The Saints at home are really good, however their defense is marginal at best. They used to be shut out at home, now they are average. The Packers are hitting on all cylinders… I’m looking for a big game from WR #3 Adams. Keep feeding Lacy as well…

Prediction: 34 – 27 Saints

Monday Night Football (OCT 27)

Washington at Dallas 8:30 PM ESPN

Point Spread : -10 Cowboys
O/U: 49.5

The Cowboys look great in all phases of the game. As long as they stay balanced and Romo keeps turnovers in check, it should be a laugher. This is such an obvious play, that is what concerns me.. due to it being a NFCE rival game.

Prediction: 34 – 17 Cowboys

I might have some errors in spelling and grammer, but IDGAF. Peace out SKAsians.

“Go Hawks”


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