The Real BKOB Report – 2020 – Week 10 Edition

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Greetings, Knowledge Seekers. It has come to my attention that a few certain impatient websites have already leaked the NFCW Standings before I could complete my Knowledge Tables! That’s fine. That’s fine. It just means I don’t have to ask my readers to brace themselves for the upheaval that has occurred.

It appears that we have ourselves a good old fashioned LOGJAM!!

*banjo music*

Indeed friends, in this Division you can never count your Beavers before they hatch, because the Chickens have come home to roost! A 3-way tie atop the NFCW! How titillating.

I realize some teams are ahead of others, based on nonsensical technicalities, but it’s silly to bank on tie-breakers when each of these teams still has to face the other at least one more time. But for now, we’re stuck with what we got!

Keep that in mind whilst perusing these STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NFCW Quarterbacks (Ranked by Passer Rating)
R Wilson – 233/329 (69.8%) 2,687 yds, 8.4 ypa, 28 td, 10 int, 110.5 rtg
K Murray – 212/311 (68.2%) 2,375 yds, 7.6 ypa, 17 td, 8 int, 98.2 rtg
J Goff – 213/321 (66.4%) 2,447 yds, 7.6 ypa, 13 td, 6 int, 94.9 rtg
J Garopplo – 94/140 (67.1%) 1,096 yds, 7.8 ypa, 7 td, 5 int, 92.4 rtg
N Mullens – 115/171 (67.3%) 1,390 yds, 8.1 ypa, 6 td, 6 int, 89.1 rtg

NFCW Rushers (Ranked by Rushing Yards)
K Drake – 135 att, 612 yds, 4.5 ypa, 4 td, 1 fum
K Murray – 87 att, 604 yds, 6.9 ypa, 10 td, 2 fum
D Henderson Jr – 102 att, 486 yds, 4.8 ypa, 4 td, 0 fum
M Brown – 81 att, 347 yds, 4.2 ypa, 5 td, 0 fum
C Carson – 66 att, 323 yds, 4.9 ypa, 3 td, 1 fum
R Mostert – 51 att, 303 yds, 5.9 ypa, 1 td, 0 fum
J McKinnon – 77 att, 294 yds, 3.8 ypa, 5 td, 0 fum

What’s changed?
So the Seahawks, who had led this Division from the get-go, have now been given the ol’ Mail-In Ballot treatment. That’s fine. That’s fine. Mike’s custom memes have been appropriately brutal, and Hawk fans have been living in fear knowing that Adusoron could strike at any moment. Fortunately for them, history isn’t written by the winners, it’s written right here on The Real BKOB Report!

If I weren’t such an unbiased sports journalist, and I were to put myself in the shoes of a Seahawks fan, I’d be thrilled at the amount of upside potential that this team possesses. And if I was looking for a bright side to all of this, the examples would be to numerous to list here in this weekly article. But I’ll try anyways:

For starters, Russell Carrington Wilson hasn’t lost three consecutive games since his sophomore year at NC State. That’s pretty cool! And, up until now, he hadn’t had back-to-back games with multiple turnovers since his rookie year (Wow!!) He is simply too smart and too amazing to allow these issues to compound themselves. So that’s a relief.

One theory is that he has been throwing INTs on purpose to inspire DK Metcalf to make more transcendent, superhuman plays like the one against Arizona a few weeks ago. He’ll probably stop doing that now.

Through it all, the Seahawks still have the #1 Scoring Offense, and Wilson STILL leads the league in TDs. How is that possible? Because he’s terrific, that’s how. In addition to all of THAT bright side, you have a pass-rush that is suddenly respectable, a kicker nailing 61-yard FGs with ease, and you’re still one-game back from the #1 Seed with a very favorable remaining schedule and some good players returning from injury soon. Does it get any better than that? I say “No.”

Sure the Defense has given up a lot of yard, but that’s because they have Michael Dickson. That guy is a double-edged sword if ever there was one.

All of the other NFC Heavyweights have had some stinkers of their own, so it’s not hard to imagine Seattle bouncing back from theirs. If limiting turnovers is the cure for what ails this team, then they have the perfect HC/QB combo to do just that. But they should probably start soon, like this Thursday. Wilson is the master of neutral-thinking, and a quick turnaround might be just what he needs!

My Analysis:
The Cardinals needed a Hail Mary late in the game to beat the Bills this week. Each of their last two victories have come via last-second miracles. Is there anything more obnoxious than that? Hey Kyler, leave that kinda stuff up to Russell Carrington Wilson, will ya? Stop giving Cardinals fans hope. It’s rude.

And now, how about your feedback? Was this my most unbiased article yet? Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Thank you, and always remember: Kill… Danny… O’neil…………………



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