The Real BKOB Report – 2020 – Week 8 Edition

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Greetings, Knowledge Seekers. It’s Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 and you all know what that means: Week 8 Knowledge Tables are here. Come on admit it, you’ve been counting down the days.

Around the globe, all anyone can talk about is NFCW Stats and Rankings. So let’s cut through all the hype and all the spin, and let the results speak for themselves! It’s not hyperbole to say that the soul of the Division is at stake, so if you’re going to throw your support behind someone, make sure they have the Yellow Highlighting to back it up. 

No more malarkey! Let’s get to the STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NFCW Quarterbacks (Ranked by Passer Rating)
R Wilson – 183/256 (71.5%) 2,151 yds, 8.4 ypa, 26 td, 6 int, 120.7 rtg
N Mullens – 69/98 (70.4%) 852 yds, 8.7 ypa, 4 td, 3 int, 97.8 rtg
J Goff – 186/284 (65.5%) 2,145 yds, 7.6 ypa, 13 td, 6 int, 94.6 rtg
K Murray – 169/253 (66.8%) 1,847 yds, 7.3 ypa, 13 td, 7 int, 93.8 rtg
J Garopplo – 94/140 (67.1%) 1,096 yds, 7.8 ypa, 7 td, 5 int, 92.4 rtg

NFCW Rushers (Ranked by Rushing Yards)
K Drake – 119 att, 512 yds, 4.3 ypa, 4 td, 0 fum
D Henderson Jr – 95 att, 458 yds, 4.8 ypa, 3 td, 0 fum
K Murray – 65 att, 437 yds, 6.7 ypa, 7 td, 1 fum
C Carson – 66 att, 323 yds, 4.9 ypa, 3 td, 1 fum
M Brown – 75 att, 314 yds, 4.2 ypa, 3 td, 0 fum
R Mostert – 51 att, 303 yds, 5.9 ypa, 1 td, 0 fum
J McKinnon – 47 att, 209 yds, 4.4 ypa, 4 td, 0 fum

What’s changed?
Normally the Knowledge Tables are a pretty good predictor of which NFCW team(s) will eventually rise to the top. But this is no ordinary season, Knowledge Seekers. The Seahawks and the Reality-Shattering Rams have managed to throw us all for a loop!

Seriously, what’s going on with these teams? How can one team be so clutch after shooting themselves in the foot with such frequency, while another team – dripping with Yellow Highlighting – somehow REFUSES to win?

I can make neither heads nor tails of it, my friends. Actually, yes I can, it’s the QBs. Either way, I suggest we all sit tight and enjoy the show. Because if the 2nd half of the season is as exciting as the 1st half, we are in for a Golden Boner-inducing good time!

My Analysis:
The Seahawks needed a get-right game and, historically speaking, that’s all the 49ers have been good for during the BKOB Report era of NFCW Football. San Francisco’s epic 2-game win streak came to a crashing halt, but not before they obliterated their chances of drafting Trevor Lawrence.

Seattle’s 32nd ranked Defense (minus 5 starters) was too much for little Jimmy G to handle – he struggled mightily before promptly retiring from football. If only someone hard warned 49er fans about that guy.

Russell Carrington Wilson, on the other hand, now has twice as many TDs as any other NFCW QB. No big surprise there. The other NFCW teams hitched their wagons to young, Offensive-minded head coaches when they should have been hiring Brian Schottenheimer, and that’s the result you gunna get!

Even so, this far along in the season, another MVP candidate has emerged. And this time… he’s Russell Wilson’s teammate!

Oh man, plot twist!

And now, how about your feedback? Mike is probably going to yell at me for not mentioning Kyler Murray and his amazing bye-week performance. Hopefully he doesn’t leave SKA forever after today. 

Thank you, and always remember: Kill… Danny… O’neil…………………



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